What Is World-Class Customer Experience?

What makes a world-class customer experience? Recent research reveals that the overall performance in customer experience by British brands has never been lower in the last eight years, while the overall performance by American brands rose in 2017. British brands that were once renowned for excellent customer experience several years ago have struggled to keep up with their customers’ evolving expectations for the services they receive.
As UK brands have been challenged to meet their customers’ experience expectations or adapt to new ways of buying in recent years, they’re discovering that perceptions of their brands have declined. This news comes even as delivering a world-class customer experience continues to rise on the agenda for marketers. In fact, UK brands are pouring millions of pounds into improving their customer relationships, in their efforts to improve their customer’s experiences.
But, throwing money at the problem isn’t (necessarily) the solution.
Part of the issue is that brands are still organisationally structured to focus more on the product than on the customer. Furthermore, today’s brands aren’t just dealing with physical products; they’re now selling content, ideas, and concepts. Customers want more from these brands than just a service or product; They want to know that the brand is there to meet their needs and listen to their concerns.
To that end, Adobe recently launched a large-scale advertising campaign focused on encouraging brands to “make experience their business.” The campaign highlights several brands as Experience Makers, such as Coca-Cola and T-Mobile. These brands are following Adobe’s lead in reimagining every part of their business to focus on the experience of their customers. The aim of the campaign is to show companies what experience-focused brands are doing to provide world-class experiences to their customers.
Most marketers realise how important experience is to the customer, but many don’t know how to improve their customer relationships. With Adobe’s new campaign, brands can gain practical insight from others who are leading the way. A lot of encouragement can be found in what other brands are doing right. Adobe is helping bring those brands and their strategies to the attention of the marketers looking for them.
Where is your brand when it comes to delivering a world-class customer experience? What does your company need to do to improve the experience you provide your customers?