Take a sneak peek into the latest release of Adobe Muse CC (2015.2)

Graphics by Shaleen Gupta
The latest release of Adobe Muse CC brings in several exciting features and enhancements including integration with Adobe Comp CC, scroll effects in responsive layout, and a brand new In-browser editing user interface.
Read on to know more about the new features in the latest Adobe Muse release.
Adobe Muse integration with Adobe Comp CC
Adobe Comp CC, an app that is available for iPhones and iPads, is used to create layouts and wireframes. With the integration of Adobe Comp CC and Adobe Muse, you can now create layouts for your Adobe Muse websites anywhere, anytime. You just need to download and install Comp CC and start creating your layout. You can use Comp CC to add components like rectangles, image placeholders, or text boxes by using hand gestures. The app converts these rough shapes into crisp graphics, enabling you to create a layout within minutes.

Comp CC is also integrated with Creative Cloud Libraries. This means that you can use creative apps like Photoshop or InDesign to create assets for your layout. After you create a draft of your layout, you can bring it to Adobe Muse in a single click.

You can then choose to add the finishing touches to your layout in Adobe Muse.

Scroll effects in responsive design
You can now add scroll effects in a responsive layout. You simply need to add a fixed breakpoint to the page and configure the scroll effects at that breakpoint.

To see the detailed procedure on adding scroll effects, see the section on Applying scroll effects in a responsive layout.
Moving objects as a group
Moving and positioning objects in your responsive page has now become easier. You can move a group of objects together vertically using the Vertical Move Handle. Select an object and watch the double arrows appear in the margin.

Just drag the handle to move the selected object and the objects below it, vertically.
In-browser editing enhancements
Editing images and text is easier and less time-consuming, with the new and improved in-browser editing user interface. You can edit text in-line and replace images easily with the latest user interface.

To know more about the enhanced in-browser editing workflows, see Editing site content using In-Browser Editing.
Adobe Muse CC 2015.2 also offers an improved Illustrator workflow, a vertical view in Plan mode, improvements to Colors in CC Libraries, and enhancements to image frames. To know more about each of these enhancements, see What’s New in Adobe Muse 2015.2.