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In just a few short years, consumer mobile apps have become part of everyday life, used for everything from catching up on news headlines to staying connected to favorite brands. Now, they’re going mainstream in the enterprise. In fact, according to analyst firm IDC, the number of enterprise mobile apps is expected to quadruple by 2016.

Apps can engage your employees in the same way that they capture the attention of your customers, on devices they’re already using. IDC found that nearly 80% of companies surveyed plan to increase their mobile investment in the next 12 to 18 months. This increase in spending is due in part to the positive impact enterprise mobile apps can have on productivity. A Mobile Helix/Vanson Bourne survey found that nearly 50% of enterprise mobile app users reported productivity increases of 40% or more. With that level of engagement, apps can help drive your business forward.

One way that enterprise apps can make an impact is in the area of sales enablement. Companies continually face the challenge of consolidating large quantities of sales enablement materials and keeping that content up-to-date for sales teams. Sales enablement apps give companies the ability to better connect audiences to their businesses by replacing printed sales materials with vivid, interactive content that is always current and at their fingertips. In addition, built-in analytics let companies see who is accessing content, what resonates and how usage impacts sales.

Here, we’ll look at examples of two enterprises using sales enablement apps created with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) to arm their sales teams with useful and relevant information for real-world sales opportunities.

Sales on the high seas

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Celebrity Cruises is known for delivering modern luxury cruises for contemporary guests. The company understands that people on a cruise are often eager to plan their next seagoing adventure. That’s why the company equips its Future Cruise sales team on board its ships with iPads and an innovative new DPS app to help guests book their next cruise.


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The Future Cruise Sales app lets the sales teams conduct interactive vacation planning sessions wherever and whenever a guest desires on the ship. The app experience includes rich and immersive destination information—all illustrated with photography and video that makes it possible for travelers to imagine themselves on their next Celebrity cruise.


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In addition to helping cut booking time by 40%, the app has increased future cruise revenue. Empowering sales teams to enhance the guest experience through personalized counseling reinforces Celebrity’s luxury brand promise and helps the company generate more leads and close more business.


Driving sales enablement

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The luxury real estate brokerage firm Sotheby’s International Realty is also transforming its business using an enterprise app created in DPS. The latest sales tool to help the company’s more than 15,000 sales associates, located in more than 47 countries, market Sotheby’s International Realty services is an iPad app called Anthology: The Collection of an Extraordinary Brand.


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Previously, the company designed, printed and distributed beautifully bound brochures to its 660 offices. However, the printed materials represented a very large expense for the company, and were often out-of-date upon receipt. When information changed, the old brochures were still handed out, but the sales representatives had to remember to identify changes for clients.


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In just three months, Sotheby’s International Realty created an app that saves the company $1 million in printing, distribution and storage costs that would have been spent to keep printed brochures up to date. Using the Anthology app, sales associates can clearly and consistently articulate the latest benefits of listing properties with the Sotheby’s International Realty global network.


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The app not only presents a consistent client experience across its offices and geographies, but also showcases all that Sotheby’s International Realty does for its clients from a marketing perspective. Sales associates can also be alerted to the latest app content with push notifications.


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The company distributes updates to the app whenever they are needed, and, with built-in analytics in DPS, Sotheby’s International Realty can quickly determine what’s working well and refine the app accordingly.


Sales enablement apps drive revenue

Sales enablement apps help companies take volumes of content from different locations on corporate servers or trapped behind firewalls and make it available to sales people through accessible mobile apps. These apps keep sales people connected to the business by giving them a single place to access the most up-to-date sales materials, educating them on new products and services, helping them prepare for important meetings and even serving as a client-facing tool to help facilitate conversations and showcase valuable proof points.

By capitalizing on the trend to engage employees with the same compelling experiences in their day-to-day jobs as they enjoy in their personal lives, companies can make sales associates more successful and productive—and genuinely enhance the customer experience.

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