Partner Overview: Valtech

Company Overview
Valtech is a digital marketing agency pioneer in technologies with offices in France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Argentina, India, Australia, and Singapore. As a full-service digital agency, Valtech adds value for its customers at all aspects of their digital activities: Strategy consulting, service design, technology services, and optimization of business critical digital platforms for multichannel e-commerce and marketing. With its renowned commitment to innovation and agility, Valtech helps brands to develop and grow their business across all digital touch points to the market, while optimizing time-to-market and return on investment.
Areas of Expertise

Customer experience design for CMS, mobile applications, and e-commerce solutions
Proven experience in the full Adobe Marketing Cloud with specific emphasis in Adobe Experience Manager, AEM Mobile, Adobe Assets, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign
Vertical focus in luxury, retail, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and automotive

AEM Mobile App Examples
Client: Valtech (internal)
Use Case: Sales Enablement for Retail and Grocery
Description: Valtech built a sample mobile application demonstrating how a grocer could enable mobile use in brick and mortar stores.  The app leverages the phone camera and beacons to enable mobile specific features.  It provides a perfect retail grocery experience by leveraging the power of mobile.

Client: Valtech (internal)
Use Case: Brand Engagement for Travel, Hospitality, and Media
Description: Valtech and Adobe collaborated to build a mobile application that demonstrates the ideal experience for customers during their hotel, cruise, air, or rail journey.  The demo includes heavy personalization and integrations with Adobe Primetime as a video on demand (VOD) disruption to the in-room, in-cabin, in-air media experience.

Valtech’s Approach to Mobile Strategy and App Execution
Now that mobile is becoming the primary source for digital content consumption, Valtech brings a mobile first approach to the experiences we engineer for our customers.  This enables marketers to focus on the customer experience for mobile instead of technical requirements and limitations for mobile applications.
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How to Contact Valtech
Joshua Eli Young
VP, Global Partner Alliance and Strategies
For EMEA specific (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
Dr. Jens Jacobsen
Practice Director
+33 (0) 6 33 01 20 76