Partner Overview: Blink Worldwide

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Company Overview

Blink Worldwide believes that marketing should not stop at the lead. It should go further, driving a brand’s message and differentiation throughout the sales cycle. Blink has a deep bench of sales knowledge and experience and develops tools that deliver consistency in messaging and enhance the discussion–so that their client’s messages are always relevant and on point. With offices in Connecticut and Utah, Blink operates globally, with projects deployed in 154 countries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales and brand enablement strategy
  • Mobile strategy for B2B, B2E & B2C
  • Mobile front-end app design (IA, UI & UX)
  • Mobile app development with AEM Mobile
  • Back-end CMS integration including AEM

AEM Mobile App Examples

Client: Black Diamond Equipment
Use Case: Sales Enablement
Description: Blink Worldwide helped Black Diamond Equipment to streamline their sales process by replacing their printed catalog with a mobile app. This app allows Black Diamond to get instant updates into the hands of sales teams to improve planning and reduce errors during the buying process as well as providing live pricing and integration of inventory systems.

Black Diamond Anticipating $500K Savings with Sales Workbook App


Client: Adobe AEM Mobile Pitch App
Use Case: Sales Enablement
Description: Blink Worldwide partnered with the Adobe to highlight the art of the possible with Experience Manager Mobile. This app is used by the AEM Mobile sales team to give their clients and prospects a view of the mobile landscape, the advantages of Marketing Cloud, capabilities of AEM Mobile and customer success stories.


Blink Worldwide’s Approach to Mobile Strategy and App Execution

Specializing in sales enablement isn’t just about the technology. Blink enables their clients to understand their customer personas, sales enablement strategy and identification of where their customers are in the sales process. By using AEM Mobile, Blink helps their clients to execute these strategies at the speed of sales.

How to Contact Blink Worldwide

Billy Lawlor
Managing Partner
(203) 856-8353