Participants may receive Thank you Email or Absentee Follow up Email undesirably for an Event **Adobe Connect**

Description :
Setup an event with two different sets of automated emails to be sent across to two different group of users :

Group 1 – Users who attended
Group 2 – Users who registered but did not attend

Some participants in Group 1, may receive email meant for Group 2 and vice-versa.

Environment :

Adobe Connect Hosted
Adobe Connect On-Premise
Adobe Connect version 9.7.5

Root Cause :
This may occur due to a known bug Bug#4105629 which is being aggressively investigated by Engineering.

Resolution :
As per latest updates on the bug, Adobe Hosted clusters have already been patched with the fix for this bug to prevent recurrence of further instances.
A more rigorous root cause investigation is in progress internally at the moment for extensively examining all aspects of fine-tuning the functionality and prevent any further impact.
More updates to follow here as we have further progress made on the bug.