New Research Confirms Competitive Advantages of Enterprise Apps

Digital Publishing

Earlier this year, the AEM Mobile team worked in collaboration with Edelman Intelligence to shine a light on the enterprise app space. The result, the 2016 Enterprise Apps Report, which uncovers key trends regarding enterprise mobile apps.

Our very own Lahary Ravuri, Group Product Marketing Manager for AEM Mobile, took to the Adobe Digital Marketing Blog to discuss and analyze this new report and what it means for enterprises across the board. Some of Ravuri’s key finding are that:

  • We are currently in the adoption period for enterprise mobile apps while simultaneously seeing a massive uptick in usage
  • Those companies neglecting enterprise mobile apps are falling further and further behind in terms of productivity, real-time communication and task streamlining
  • Companies with enterprise mobile apps are seeing ROIs hover at around 35%

To read her full analysis and recommendations for overcoming the challenges presented by enterprise mobile apps, read the full blog post here.


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