New Name, Better Services

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ConnectiveRX is a new company in the healthcare industry, but it draws on decades of experience. The company was formed when PSKW, a leading copay assistance and affordability company, merged with Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), the trusted prescription drug reference and communications company for millions of healthcare providers. ConnectiveRX took the best parts of both companies to deliver targeted prescription drug information to doctors, pharmacists, and patients that help drive better patient outcomes.

“Our real goal is to drive a better outcome for patients through communications to the healthcare professionals that serve them and the ability to help with affordability and compliance in healthcare treatment,” says David Weatherbee, Senior Director of Communications at ConnectiveRX.

To achieve this goal, ConnectiveRX needs to be sensitive to FDA compliance and patient privacy, while getting doctors and pharmacists the best information possible. A big part of the company’s success is making sure that it has reliable data and powerful, targeted communications capabilities. ConnectiveRX uses Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign to help achieve its goals.

Adobe Analytics provides visibility into more than 1 million prescribing physicians, connects more than 2 billion prescription transactions, and links all of the data to individual patent preferences. This data lays the foundation for personalizing multi-channel communications through Adobe Campaign. Integrations between Adobe solutions enables ConnectiveRX to build insights and communications within minutes, instead of hours, as well as create new service offers to help benefit patients.

Most recently, ConnectiveRX used Adobe solutions to help create a compliant, automated prescription refill reminder service for patients, helping to keep care plans on track. “There’s no way that we could manage the types of programs that we do without a tool like Campaign,” says Weatherbee. “It performed beyond what our hopes really were.”

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