My Top Picks for the Advertising Track at Adobe Summit EMEA

Just a few weeks ago I was at Adobe’s Summit in Las Vegas watching the unveiling of Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative, a game-changing product combining the power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud with the reach of Adobe Advertising Cloud. Never before have advertisers been able to create and then plan, buy, measure and optimise an ad on a single platform. They’ve never had the tools to change their creative mid-campaign, responding to data (specifically the intelligence of Adobe Sensei) informing them which ads are under-performing.  
Advertising Cloud Creative enables easy-to-execute creative alterations to make an ad more targeted and deliver more ROI.  
As a Product Marketing Lead for Adobe Advertising Cloud, I’m proud of this development for the industry because only Adobe can offer this product in our sector. No other company has the capabilities (or industry respect) that Creative Cloud delivers for creative ad teams. That means no other programmatic platform will ever be likely to offer an equivalent solution. Imagine how proud I will be when Zarpana Kabir, Director, Advertising Services EMEA, unveils this product to attendees at EMEA Summit! Be sure to see it in action during our keynote on day one. 
That’s not the only Advertising Track session I want to highlight. We have a multi-track list of options for you. I’ve picked a few to get you started:   
AD9: A Walk in the Adobe Advertising Cloud: Can Programmatic Advertising Live up to the Hype?  
Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad planning and buying process more efficient. But will using programmatic platforms still let you deliver your business goals and objectives, ensure that you are buying quality inventory, and feel confident that you are running in brand-safe environments? What other formats can you access beyond a standard banner and how can you increase both efficiency and effectiveness?  
In this session you’ll hear how the Adobe Advertising team shifted to a programmatic buying strategy, how this investment dispels some common myths about programmatic advertising, and how they used Adobe Advertising Cloud in a multimillion dollar brand campaign. 
AD1: Data-driven Advertising: A Single Source of Truth 
Struggling advertisers are overwhelmed with time-consuming manual processes and the validation of scattered data sources. In contrast, successful advertisers establish a single source of truth and automate basic repetitive reports. This strategy unites the analytics and advertising teams by making more time for advanced segmentation, scalable personalisation and reliable forecasting. Join Adobe and adidas’ Senior Media Manager, Andy Pilkington to hear how Adobe’s integration between analytics, media and third-party partners can accelerate your advertising insights.  

AD8: Optimising Search Campaigns with Website Analytics 
Search advertising is complex. Marketers navigate billions of data points, thousands of keywords, and dimensional data such as audience, device, geography and time. With increasing data, audiences and inventory sources, there are staggering numbers of complex decisions to make. Adobe’s integration between Advertising Cloud and Analytics Cloud offers marketers a streamlined solution for leveraging Analytics Cloud data to drive increased paid search performance. It also opens the door to deeper analysis and understanding the impact of search. You’ll also hear how Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps solve many data challenges. 
AD3: The Art & Science of Personalised Ad Experiences 
You bought the ad space, now it’s time to show an ad. Decisions made in that micro-second can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign. In other words, the creative a customer interacts with affects the perception of your brand. Learn how Adobe delivers data-driven, personalised campaigns, and hear about Adobe’s vision for collaborative tools to empower creative and marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences. 
This is a key session if you have specific interest in understanding what Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative is all about, and how it can specifically benefit your brand advertising campaign activity.  
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