My new series – Art of managing support forums

Managing support communities can be challenging. This blog series will try and simplify that.
Purpose of this blog series
It has been five years since I joined the social media support team at Adobe, which among other things, manages Adobe’s online forums for our products. In these years, I believe I have come to have a fair understanding of the intricacies of managing and participating in public forums. It is my desire to share these learnings with you. I hope you find them useful.
My initial blog posts will broadly touch upon online communities and their benefits. Moving forward, my blog posts will mostly be focused on forums created with the primary intention of users to share information with and help each other.
I will also try and touch upon aspects of social psychology and how it can be effectively utilized to manage public forums.
These blog posts mainly derive their content from my experience. I will also be using materials from the Internet to verify my writing before posting it. I will rely on you to correct me when I go wrong, and I will ensure that all constructive feedback is taken into consideration in future posts.
It would be wonderful if I can get all these posts published as a book at some point in time. But I am getting ahead of myself already.
Who are these blogs meant for?
If you are responsible for creating and managing public forums, I believe that you will have significant value to derive from my blog posts.
These blogs will also be useful to those wanting to venture into the world of online support forums but haven’t done so far because of various reasons, including the fear of change and the potential harm that public exposure sometimes brings with it.
Parts of these series will probably go beyond the audience I have set for myself, and I do hope that whoever comes to visit will benefit from their visit.