Mobile at Adobe Summit 2017

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Adobe Summit just keeps growing bigger every year. With well over 10,000 attendees in 2016 — and even more expected in Las Vegas next week — it’s the biggest digital-marketing event on the planet.

Ironically, despite Adobe Summit’s enormous size, it’s the best place to focus on small — that is, on the relatively small devices we carry with us everywhere nowadays. With more than 49 sessions dedicated to mobile (and hundreds more that reference mobile strategies), Adobe Summit is the best place to learn how to make mobile an essential part of your customer experience.

Adobe’s End-to-End Solutions
With consumers nowadays spending much of their lives staring at tiny screens, any brand that hopes to remain relevant must have a way to deliver compelling mobile experiences. Adobe offers solutions that help brands manage content across digital and physical touchpoints; acquire new users and link them between web and app; understand user behaviors — whatever they happen to be; and engage users in meaningful ways.

The Real Power of Adobe Summit
While Adobe Summit gathers experts from Adobe to demo the latest technologies and walk attendees through winning mobile strategies, the real power of Summit lies in hearing your peers reveal the secrets to their mobile successes. Here are just a few highlights:

There will also be groundbreaking sessions on progressive web apps and using machine learning to improve marketing effectiveness, real-world examples of end-to-end connected experiences, and much more.

Hope to See You There
Whether your focus is on web or app, whether you’re an analytics-data jockey or more aligned with multichannel messaging strategies, Adobe Summit 2017 offers everyone an opportunity to get the inside scoop from the best and brightest mobile-marketing minds of today. I hope you’ll not only join me there, but also stop to talk. I’d love to hear your story, too.

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