Mind, Body and Soul

10 weeks, 9 teams, 8 challenges, 1 aim: Be and become your best through wellness! Because Adobe takes wellness to heart, we believe that our employees can be their best when they’re energized, active and nutritious! Sponsored by our site council, our teams in Munich took part in an activity challenge to keep their mind, body and soul healthy. With over 40 employees participating, they motivated and challenged each other to succeed—just like they do during the work day.
Teams prepare to educate their mind, body and soul.
Offering 10 sportive sessions with focus on stability, agility, cardio and weight workouts, the participants pushed their limits. One participant said: “I loved the sessions! The trainer did everything to push us above our boundaries each time with varied exercises!”
But being healthy isn’t just dependent on exercise—you have to make sure the food you eat is also nutritious. Which is why employees also committed to cutting sugar and sweets from their diet, drinking at least 30 ml/kg of water a day, having early dinners to allow perfect regeneration throughout the night, detoxing their body and trying new recipes. Some employees also got private nutrition courses!
And to reward our employees for all their hard work? Every week, the team with the best overall count won restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers or a free massage – and of course a happy body and mind!
Programs that support Wellness at Adobe are modeled and designed to meet employees wherever they are on their personal journey to be healthy. Whether they wish to focus on fitness, or are more interested on achieving mindfulness, Adobe helps provide the necessary resources.
Activate your body and your career—apply today!