Introducing the 2017 Adobe MAX European Insiders

Introducing the 2017 Adobe MAX European Insiders
We’re thrilled to share the talented and inspiring group of creatives from across Europe we’ve invited to be this year’s Adobe MAX Insiders at Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creative conference. Serving as the eyes and ears on the ground for the community members who can’t join us, the MAX Insiders will be sharing their experience at the general sessions, sneaks, parties and more on social media. They’ll even get behind-the-scenes at some exclusive events.
Get to know a bit about the MAX Insiders below, and be sure to follow their adventures at #AdobeMAX as they experience our creativity event of the year!


Insider name
Bert Dries
Fabien Barral
Olivier Huard
Anna Heupel




Insider name
Kristina Hader
Marvin Ströter
Dennis Schuster
Stefan Kunz



Insider name
Cindy Vriend
Natalie Federmann Foss
Max Gecke
Daniel Saunders



Insider name
Rich McCor
Alex Bec
Thomas Kakareko
Nathalie Geffroy



Insider name
Johann Brangeon

Watch the MAX Keynote and more on live online on October 18 to find out what’s next for Adobe Creative Cloud. Sign up here.
And don’t forget you can also get Adobe MAX updates on Twitter via @AdobeMAX and @AdobeUK

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