D&AD New Blood Awards – Meet the winners – Part 3

In our final post shining a light on this year’s hugely talented D&AD New Blood Award winners, we meet the final four winning teams who will be walking away with an award at this week’s ceremony.
CC Spark

What inspired your submission?
Kids trying to create things. All creatives can relate to that time in high school when you’re working out how to make something awesome. We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating to have a really cool idea and not know how to execute it. As a team, we wanted to help Adobe make Creative Cloud accessible to everyone, to help young creative students learn by doing, and hopefully spark interest for their future creative endeavours.
Creative Team: Charlotte Duerden, Sarah Wight, Daniel Hales, Aya Watanabe, Haley Stoneking
College: Brigham Young University

Adobe Seed

What inspired your submission?
Our project is a collective piece of work which was ultimately inspired by a desire to create something that could be really useful to others, as well by a desire to test ourselves in such a prestigious international contest.
Creative Team: Vadim Mirgorodsky, Aleksandr Timfoeev, Kira Toporkova, Alyona Kozlova, Katerina Kalashnikova
College: British Higher School of Art & Design

Cloud Dog

What inspired your submission?
My dog Tia. She has enriched my life in the same way creativity has. In many ways, everyone becomes obsessed with their pets and I believe that is how creatives should be with their work. It sleeps with you, walks with you, jumps in every so often full of energy and life. Creativity never switches off, it lives forever and catches us off guard when our conscious mind is turned off. This, for me, is when my best ideas come to life.
Creative Team: Taegan Rubert
College: Alberta College of Art & Design

Adobe CC Infinity
What inspired your submission?
Young people experiencing technical problems should be helping each other. Adobe CC Infinity is an online platform for a young demographic to share technical support. Users instantly source technical help from like-minded peers and can securely screencast their desktops between one another. This enables collaboration and communication between a new, helpful Adobe community.
Creative Team: Max Lom-Bor
College: Arts University Bournemouth