Becoming an Experience-Led Company: Customer Experience Track at Adobe Summit

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Digital is changing everything — consumers have infinite choices in content, they’re connected to an explosion of devices, and they want every experience with your brand to be seamless. To meet the demands of digital, you need to become an experience-led company — a company that delivers in-the-moment experiences that are compelling, personal, useful, and delightful to the customer at every touchpoint.

With these qualities, your brand experiences can create real connections with your customers and, ultimately, build lasting loyalty. The Customer Experience Track at this year’s Adobe Summit will show you how to deliver a standout customer experience — from content creation to delivery, measurement, and refinement. Join Adobe experts and partners for insightful discussions and best practices to help organizations of all sizes create these standout experiences that generate real connections with customers.

This year’s Adobe Summit sessions will focus on three core competencies:

  1. Building a digital foundation for delivering experiences;
  2. Delivering more relevant content, faster than ever before; and
  3. Connecting these experiences among an ever-growing number of channels and devices.

Along the way, you’ll also learn how optimized customer journeys form the centerpieces of the most effective content strategies and customer experiences for top brands around the world.

Don’t-Want-to-Miss Sessions at Adobe Summit 2017
Here are my recommended sessions for Adobe Summit this year, including both general and industry-specific sessions.

S4304: Digital Transformation: Patterns for Success
While transforming customer experiences to meet the growing demands of connected consumers is critical, the road to achieving this can be perilous. Various studies cite failure rates of 70–80 percent. In this thought leadership session, we share some of the trends we believe are going to change the game in the year to come. Learn about the patterns of success that have emerged from the thousands of companies that Adobe works with, what has worked in the area of digital experience, and what innovations and resources are available to help organizations increase their success rate.

S4305: Wyndham: Where the Experience Business Has Come to Stay
Legacy technology, multiple brands, and a growing number of digital properties are creating challenges for brands, specifically as they strive to be successful in their digital transformations. Hear how Wyndham Hotel Group embarked on their year-long digital-transformation journey and how they reimagined customer engagement on web and mobile, raising conversions and customer loyalty.

S3985: Adobe Experience Manager Rockstar: The Top Tips Are Here
Come hear from the winners of the first Experience Manager Rockstar contest as they share the digital-experience tips, tricks, and project strategies that were voted the best of the year.

S3942: Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top 10 Innovations
Learn about the top 10 digital experience-management innovations that will emerge in the next release of Adobe Experience Manager Sites 6.3. We’ll walk you through these new features — must-haves for all organizations that want to be successful — and show you how you can get a head start on today’s constantly evolving landscape of digital transformation.

S3944: What’s New in Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Features
We know that you want to get the most out of your Adobe Experience Manager Assets investment, but finding the time to track every innovation is difficult. Get the latest updates and ensure your teams are empowered with the cutting-edge features of 21st-century digital-asset management (DAM).

S4194: Delivering Tomorrow’s Optimized Customer Journey (and the Mail) Today
Australia Post, the country’s postal service, wanted to remain relevant and valued by its customers in this changing world, a world “completely transformed with digital, with our customers being more connected and living at a faster pace.” So, the 200-year-old institution had to completely reinvent itself, rolling out a variety of services with a central focus — to make the lives of Australians easier and better. In this session, you’ll find out exactly how they did it.

S4192: Build It, and They Will Come: Growing a Successful Optimization Program
Many organizations hear about the big wins of optimization and know they need to get in the game. They buy the optimization solutions but quickly discover that they don’t know what to do next. In this session — presented by members of the US Bank optimization team — learn how to staff an optimization-program team and build support for its efforts, develop key partnerships and program processes, and expand optimization across the organization and ingrain it into the company culture.

S4384: Personalization Strategies Leveraging a Data Management Platform (DMP)
Adobe Target is an optimization solution that allows data-driven marketers to rapidly experiment and create high-converting personalized experiences. Find out how the combination of Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target can take your personalization initiatives to the next level.

The Road to Adobe Summit 2017
There are so many great sessions at Adobe Summit this year — so, make sure you check out the entire Summit catalog to find the best sessions for you.

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