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How Personalization Made Email Marketing Cool Again

Marketing Cloud Channels like social media, mobile apps, and immersive in-store experiences are exciting touch points for digital marketers looking for the coolest new ways to engage consumers. However, those same marketers may have inadvertently pushed email to the backburner. Although the appeal of such innovative marketing channels is completely justified, the shift in focus […]

Modern Mobile Piggies and Apps – Cyber Mobile Monday

Marketing Cloud This was a special cyber Monday for me. I observed two things in mobile, one that surprised me and another that validated what I already knew. Instead of addressing the usual data that says mobile is growing, sales are growing, etc., in this post I will only share my casual observations and things […]

Now Available in DPS 2015: Restricted Collections

Digital Publishing We’re very happy to announce that the latest DPS 2015 feature release in late December included the much anticipated Restricted Collections feature. With this powerful new feature, content producers and administrators have the ability to control the exact content that each user is able to see within an app, creating endless possibilities for delivering […]

Overcoming Privacy Pitfalls in Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketing Cloud There’s some pretty cool technology available for today’s digital marketers. Such technology allows us to utilize both anonymous and authenticated information to develop a revolutionary high-definition customer view, essentially kicking the outdated 360-degree customer view to the curb. It’s easy to see why marketers would be enthusiastic about the various ways data can […]

Getting Even More Personal: The Power of Personalization and Emotional Marketing

Marketing Cloud For the overwhelming majority of consumers, a spot-on relevant journey equals a positive experience — and in today’s always-on, omni-channel landscape it’s those experiences that, together, make up a brand. And, by now, you’ve probably been exposed to the influx of emotionally-charged campaigns inundating blogs, websites, and popular social platforms, from the decade-long […]