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April Visual Trend Exploration: Earth Day and Conservation Photography

Creative Cloud In honour of Earth Day, we’re exploring the roles individuals and organizations play in spreading awareness of environmental issues, and the role images play in these conservation efforts. To get some insight, we spoke with accomplished conservation photographers and Adobe Stock Contributors Peter Chadwick and Tasha Van Zandt. Transcendent photos with an earthly […]

Das waren die Highlights beim OFFF Festival 2017!

Adobe Wir haben Sebastian Spasic alias AKUsepp, Stefan Kunz, Felix Rachor und Kristina Hader vom 6. bis 8. April auf das Kreativ-Festival in Barcelona geschickt. Für uns haben die vier Fotografen ihre Höhepunkte des OFFF Festivals 2017  zusammengestellt. Vom 6. bis zum 8. April versammelten sich wieder Künstler aus aller Welt im Museu del Disseny […]

Keeping Up With The Millennials

Marketing Cloud Livefyre.require([“app-embed#1.0.8”], function (appEmbed) {appEmbed.loadAll().done(function(embed) {embed = embed[0];if (embed.el.onload && embed.getConfig) {embed.el.onload(embed.getConfig());}});}); The post Keeping Up With The Millennials appeared first on Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe.

형태에서 기능으로, 디자인 사고의 변화

Adobe 디자인은 사용자를 매료시키는 중요한 요소라는 점에서 그 중요성이 그 어느 때보다 커지고 있습니다. 최근 몇 년간 유저 인터페이스 디자인이 어떻게 진화했는지를 살펴보면, 사용자의 기대가 어떻게 변했으며 앞으로 어떤 방향으로 변할 것인지를 짐작할 수 있습니다. 좀 더 깊이 있게 다가가기 전에, 먼저 ‘디자인이란 무엇인가’라는 중요한 질문에 대한 답을 구해야 합니다.   디자인이란 무엇인가?   일부 […]

A Unified View of Data, Customers, and Content: The Programmatic Advertising Track at Adobe Summit EMEA

Adobe It’s a particularly exciting time for Ad Tech at Adobe, with the recent acquisition of TubeMogul and the bringing together of Adobe Media Optimizer and TubeMogul to form the Adobe Advertising Cloud. The Programmatic Advertising track at this year’s Adobe Summit EMEA will demystify programmatic advertising and showcase industry leaders and real case studies […]

Developing an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Standard

Adobe Adobe has an established footprint on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  It started in 2008 with Managed Services, and expanded greatly with the launch of Creative Cloud in 2012 and the migration of Business Catalyst to AWS in 2013. In this time, we found challenges in keeping up with AWS security review needs.  In order […]

Più potere alla tua creatività

Adobe Creative Cloud mette nelle tue mani il potere di creare, collaborare e ottimizzare tutte le fasi del flusso di lavoro dei tuoi progetti video. La nuova release – disponibile oggi! – include nuove funzionalità per grafica e titoli, animazione, ottimizzazione dell’audio e condivisione dei materiali; supporto per i più recenti formati video, come HDR, […]

A Practical Foundation for Product Strategy

Creative Cloud Let’s be clear: there are many, many ways to design a product, and none of them are perfect for every situation. Your method will depend on the maturity of your organization, the resources on your team, the complexity of the project, and your own skill set. In a larger organization there is likely […]

Cross-Device Marketing: Three Tips for Success

Marketing Cloud In a world where 60% of adults interact with at least 2 screens per day, it’s essential for marketing campaigns to target people, rather than devices. But whether you’ve decided to send anonymized customer IDs directly to the walled gardens of Facebook and Google or you’ve hosted them securely within your own Data […]