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The Experience Business: How Do You Measure Success?

Marketing Cloud The experience business. Not to be overly simplistic or obvious, but the term “experience business” is made of two important words: experience and business. Of course, you want to provide your customers with amazing experiences wherever they touch your brand — on your app, website, kiosk, and even with your customer-service representatives or […]

Habit-Forming UX: Nir Eyal’s Tips To Keep Users Coming Back For More

Creative Cloud Nir Eyal is a close observer of the way our personal technology is changing rapidly. The author and behavioral designer says shrinking screen sizes and more and more competition for users’ time and attention has upped the ante in product design. Now, he says, screen-based interfaces are disappearing altogether, and it’s become more […]

#CreativeImpact | Q&A with Animator Maya Penn

Adobe Maya Penn is a 17-year-old designer, animator, illustrator, and girl-wonder who is using her work to inspire a better world. We spoke to her about her creative process, role models, inspiration, and her new environmentally-driven animated series, “The Pollinators.” What led you to become an animator? Why animation, and how did you get started? […]

제로 UI: 스크린리스 상호작용을 위한 디자인

Adobe 포스트 스크린 시대의 일상이 펼쳐지고 있습니다. 스마트한 상황 인식 디바이스의 출현은 사람들이 콘텐츠와 상호 작용하는 방식을 바꾸고 있습니다. 데이터는 사람들이 처한 물리적 환경 및 디지털 환경 상황에 대한 연결 상태를 보여주는 스냅샷입니다. 디자이너는 사용자 가치를 창출하는 데이터 및 알고리즘 기반의 스크린 없는 경험을 제작해야 할 필요성을 깨닫게 될 것입니다.   의미적으로 제로 UI는 기존의 […]

Reflecting on the Globalization Mini-Summit

Adobe | Organizing the Summit | The G11n Innovation and Technology Summit 2017 was held at the Adobe HQ in San Jose on February 9th. The planning committee started with the vision to host an event whereby Adobe business leadership would discuss the steps Adobe is taking to increase revenue in international markets. To get […]

Find your UX Happy Place

Adobe Best Practices for UX designers working with Adobe Experience Manager Have you found yourself thrown into the initial discovery phase of a project, navigating a whirlwind of knowledge sharing and introductions? The executive sponsor has the launch deadline already ringing in their ear, and you’ve just found out that you’re responsible for driving the component re-use strategy to make your content […]

Concurso “Make the Cut”: ¡demuestra lo que vales!

Adobe Adobe presenta hoy su concurso “Make the Cut” para celebrar el 25º aniversario de Premiere Pro. Te ofrecemos una oportunidad única en la vida de editar el videoclip de “Believer“, el nuevo sencillo del gran grupo de éxito Imagine Dragons. En el marco de una iniciativa pionera en el sector, Imagine Dragons facilita a sus […]

Exceptional Design Takes Brands to the Next Level

Creative Cloud In today’s saturated digital landscape, how do you create content that not only stands out, but also delivers an exceptional customer experience? The answer: it all starts with design. Design compels which sneakers you buy and makes a mobile app indispensable. And, well designed content makes or breaks any marketing campaign. Creating this […]

Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Accelerate the Customer Journey

Adobe Forms – They’re everywhere. Every day, many people still print them, sign them, scan them back into digital format, and then email them. That process has become so confusing that people tend to incorrectly fill out documents, misplace files or even drop off entirely, which results in revenue loss. The digital transformation happening worldwide […]