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The Experimental “PanCJKV” IVD Collection

Adobe One of my longer term goals for the open source Source Han Sans project has been to eventually register a Pan-CJK IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) collection that would allow the regional variants to display and be preserved in “plain text” environments, and I think that I may have achieved a breakthrough the other day. […]

Creative Cloud Desktop on Mac Update Issue

Adobe Earlier today we were notified of an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application on Mac that we rolled out earlier in the week.  In a small number of cases, the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions. We have removed the update […]

The New Frontier of Virtual Reality

Adobe Virtual reality is taking off with filmmakers, so much so that there was a VR section in the New Frontier category at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. This new format offers great potential for storytellers to create even more immersive experiences for audiences. Many virtual reality filmmakers are working Adobe Premiere Pro CC to […]

Seen This Week: A Valentine’s day GIF(T)

{$inline_image} Adobe This week Adobe Photoshop tweeted a link to an animated mural created by Croatian artist Lonac. He painted this awesome anatomically-correct heart complete with an air duct aorta using nothing but freehand spray paint, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We hope everyone has a great love-filled weekend.

A Place Where Everyone Wants to Work

Adobe The diversity challenge has been grabbing headlines recently – from the Oscar nominations to the National Football League. It’s been a hot topic for us in the technology industry for quite a while.  While we’re not quite the NFL, the tech sector faces its own challenges in attracting, retaining and developing a diverse talent […]

Come, let’s talk about Content Velocity at Summit

Adobe Adobe Marketing Cloud technology has made it possible for marketers to deliver on the promise of personalized, targeted campaigns across a wide array of channels. This has led to increased pressure on creatives to deliver more and more content to support those increasingly more personalized communications. Companies with higher “Content Velocity” can support the demands […]

Discover: Creative Techniques: Split-Toning

Adobe This technique is a great way to nondestructively create great cross-processing and other split-toning effects to your images! Let’s Go! With your chosen image openconvert it to a Smart Object and then go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter… Perform any adjustments you may desire in the Basic tab.Sometimes a little bit of dehaze from the Fx tab […]

Protecting High Value Assets with Data-Centric Security

Adobe By John Landwehr, VP and Public Sector CTO Achieving Defense in Depth by Protecting Data Independent of Storage and Transit This week, the President directed his Administration to implement a Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) calling for agencies to take a multi-layered data protection approach to better secure the government’s most sensitive data. A […]