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Lightroom for iOS 2.2 now available!

Adobe Lightroom 2.2 for iOS is here, and brings a bunch of improvements, including an oft-requested feature: full resolution output. With version 2.2, we added in the ability for Lightroom mobile to output full resolution files for any file that was either captured on the device or added to the device, either through the camera connection kit, transferred […]

CSO: DATE (03-02-2016) – Adobe Connect Meeting/Content Launch Issue – RESOLVED

Adobe Update #2: This issue is now resolved.  The issue was fixed as of 11:01 ET. Meetings and content should be launching and saving normally.   Update #1: We are investigating a storage issue where existing meetings, recordings, and content aren’t launching/accessible if they are needing to be pulled from the main shared storage infrastructure. […]

3 Reasons to Attend Adobe Summit: Register Now

Marketing Cloud General registration is now open for Adobe Summit 2016, March 20-24. Thousands of marketers and advertisers from across the globe will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss ideas and top practices around cross-channel, customer experiences, mobile and data-driven marketing. Besides being a digital marketer — and let’s be honest, what marketer doesn’t […]


Adobe 我很高興與大家分享悉尼歌劇院 與 Adobe 正式宣布為期兩年的的主要夥伴關係,這將會幫助這座代表澳洲創新和靈感的象徵如何以新的方式跟觀眾和訪客互動。是次合作將加強歌劇院正在進行的數碼化轉型,而 Adobe Marketing Cloud 將會為這全球最繁忙之一的藝術表演場地提高數碼渠道。 我們對歌劇院的投入程度是獨一無二的,這正是因為我們擁有共同的願景和專長 - 我們相信創意和科技交滙便能創造魔法。作為 Adobe 創意工具的長期客戶,是次與 Marketing Cloud 的整合將有助歌劇院發揮Adobe 科技的所有潛力,從而為遊客創造一個無縫和絕妙的數碼體驗。 歌劇院的數碼化轉型 悉尼歌劇院每年有超過八百二十萬人到訪,使之成為澳洲首屈一指的旅遊勝地。對很多人來說,他們的歌劇院體驗由屏幕開始。有些人只會從網上欣賞;有些人正打算首次入場參觀、預訂參觀團或選擇自己的座位,成為當代音樂會、歌劇、鼓舞人心的演講者、芭蕾舞或戲劇表演的座上客。無論是什麼推動力或到訪原因,這種夥伴關係透過屏幕幫助歌劇院接觸現今大眾的所在。這合作關係將借助 Adobe Marketing Cloud 的強大功能,讓歌劇院可跨所有數碼接觸點提供更及時、無縫和啟發人心的體驗。 顧客體驗是所有企業的核心所在。Adobe 的平台將協助悉尼歌劇院與觀眾及訪客,以一種前所未有的程度互動。 超出數碼化以外 對Adobe來說,與歌劇院的合作夥伴關係是一項果敢的和令人興奮的嘗試。除了採用 Adobe Marketing Cloud,是次合作還讓歌劇院透過Adobe舉辦的一系列旗艦活動和推廣,在其領航下成為世上最具創意的技術思想家聚首一堂的地方。 毫無疑問地,歌劇院是創意的象徵而創意是Adobe的DNA,所以可以預見得到令人振奮的互動激活作用,在歌劇院展示以Adobe Creative Cloud創作的數碼藝術表演者之傑作。   我個人很高興看到這個夥伴合作關係,因為它讓我們品牌從創意至市場營銷、數據以至內容的各個方面為我們及歌劇院的客戶提供出色的數碼體驗。我們對於能在其變革的路途上與之一同合作,感到十分振奮。

포토샵에서 사진을 사용하여 3D 모델을 만드는 방법

Adobe 2016년 2월 업데이트 이 튜토리얼에서는 어도비 스톡(Adobe Stock) 사진을 사용하여 3D 모델을 만드는 방법을 살펴봅니다. 이 기법을 시연하기 위해 두 개의 어도비 스톡 사진을 사용하여 스마트폰 광고와 같은 합성 사진을 만들어 보겠습니다. 이 튜토리얼을 따라 하려면 아래 링크에서 두 사진을 크리에이티브 클라우드 라이브러리(Creative Cloud Libraries)로 가져오거나 데스크탑에 저장합니다. 스마트폰: 배경: 어도비 포토샵 CC 2015가 설치되어 […]

Small Business Marketing 101: 3 Steps to Getting Started

Adobe You likely know that you need a marketing strategy for your small business, but actually creating one can often be a daunting task–especially given the wide range of platforms from Facebook to Snapchat that all claim to be the place where your customers are hanging out, just waiting for you brand message. Before you […]

Craig Windham, NPR journalist and newscaster, has passed away

Adobe Very saddened by the news today that Craig Windham died suddenly this weekend.  Craig was a consummate professional, and always one of my favorite NPR voices, and his presence will be sorely missed.  While reading about his passing, I learned how active he was in adolescent counseling outside of his work, which speaks well of […]

New Security Framework for Amazon Web Services Released

Adobe The Center for Internet Security, of which Adobe is a corporate supporter, recently released their “Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark.” This document provides prescriptive guidance for configuring security options for a subset of Amazon Web Services with an emphasis on foundational, testable, and architecture agnostic settings. It is designed to provide baseline suggestions for […]

Is Mobile the Key to Unlocking the Millennial Vote?

Adobe With the 2016 election cycle in full swing, candidates and strategists are working hard to connect with audiences of all backgrounds, ages and political beliefs. One particularly elusive group that almost every candidate is looking to harness support from is the millennial generation. Millennials can be identified by those born after 1980 but before […]