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Adobe Experience Manager Mobile for Consumer Services

Digital Publishing Service companies play a huge role in people’s lives. Across this industry–whether real estate, transportation, utilities, and more–they are called upon to help maintain homes and vehicles, to answer technical calls, provide education and certification and to make everyday tasks more convenient. Business leaders in companies that deliver consumer services are quickly realizing […]

Adobe Security Team Members Win Recent CTF Competition

Adobe Kriti and Abhiruchi from our corporate security team in Noida, India, were crowned the winners of the recent Winja Capture the Flag (CTF) competition hosted at the NullCon Goa security conference. Twelve (12) teams competed in this year’s contest. We would like to congratulate Kriti and Abhiruchi on their win. Adobe is an ongoing […]

The Missing Link

Adobe The first version of the IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) was issued on 2007-12-14, meaning over eight years ago, and there have been three subsequent revisions, the latest being issued on 2014-05-16. There are currently three registered IVD collections: Adobe-Japan1, Hanyo-Denshi, and Moji_Joho. A significant number of IVSes are shared between the latter two IVD […]

Good, Cheap, Fast: Pick Two.

Creative Cloud Ever heard the phrase, “Good, cheap, fast – pick two?” How about this, ever used the phrase “Good, cheap, fast; pick two?” Regardless of which side of the conversation it presents itself on, creative professionals are confronted with it at some point in their careers. You might argue, “it’s about setting expectations,” or, “that’s […]

The Making of a Great American Filmmaker

Creative Cloud Richard Linklater’s DIY filmmaking style first drew attention with Slacker, which was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 1991 and for Best Feature Film and Best Director at the Independent Spirit Awards in 1992. He went on to direct the coming of age film Dazed and Confused […]

Introducing the Adobe Digital Economy Project: Harnessing Big Data to Reveal New Economic Trends

Marketing Cloud Our team is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative, the Adobe Digital Economy Project. The project’s core goal is to add insight to current economic discussions based on dynamic, responsive data about the digital economy. The Adobe Digital Index, a group of data scientists and researchers within Adobe, publishes research […]

Beyond Attribution: Insights into the Customer Journey

Marketing Cloud Before the Internet, it was impossible for brands to understand what the customer’s journey to conversion entailed. We could not follow people around and observe what billboards they viewed, which people they talked to, or how they used the Yellow Pages to find service providers. In fact, if we had tried to accomplish […]