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디자이너에게 절실했던 솔루션: 콤프 CC의 마법같은 기능

Adobe 2016년 1월 업데이트 UX 디자이너인 제이슨 로빈슨, 우수성이 입증된 콤프 CC(Comp CC)의 “마법” 같은 기능에 빠지다. 처음부터 디자이너를 염두에 두고 설계된 어도비 콤프 CC(Adobe Comp CC)는 아이폰, 아이패드 또는 아이패드 프로에서 레이아웃과 와이어프레임을 손쉽게 제작할 수 있는 솔루션입니다. 어디에서나 떠오르는 아이디어를 레이아웃과 에셋으로 구현할 수 있는 강력한 기능과 유연성을 크리에이티브 전문가에게 제공하기 위한 목적으로 […]

“The Martian” & Territory Studio: The Creative Process with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Having worked together with Director Ridley Scott on Prometheus, Territory, a London-based studio with an emphasis on motion, digital, and graphic design, was asked to create the screen graphics for The Martian, currently nominated for an Oscar® for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. Although both films are set in space, The Martian is predicated on real science, and […]

DPS, 어도비 익스피리언스 매니저 모바일로 통합

Adobe 어도비 익스피리언스 매니저 모바일(Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, AEM Mobile)은 모바일 앱을 개발, 관리하고 모바일 앱에 대한 성과를 측정할 수 있는 혁신적인 방법을 제공함으로써 궁극적으로 기업이 신속하게 사업을 전개할 수 있도록 돕습니다. 더욱 반길만한 소식은 2015년에 실시된 IDC 설문조사에 따르면 77%의 기업이 향후 12-18개월 이내에 모바일에 대한 투자를 늘릴 계획이라고 응답했습니다.[1] 어도비는 디지털 퍼블리싱 스위트(DPS, […]

New Adobe Connect Support Blog Subscription Option

Adobe Now you can stay on top of the new articles and posts by subscribing to the Adobe Connect Support Blog. Simply go to the Adobe Connect Support Blog home page and enter your email address and check off the categories about which you would like to be notified. Click “Subscribe me” and you will […]

The “PanCJKV” IVD Collection—Unregistered

Adobe Much of the thinking that I did with regard to this unregistered—but hopefully soon-to-be-registered—IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) collection was done while visiting my parents in South Dakota, with one of the highlights of that trip being a scenic drive through Badlands National Park. First and foremost, please forget, or at least ignore, most everything […]

Seen This Week: Future of Experience Design (XD) Panel

Adobe This week, we invited user experience pros from Pinterest, Google, Amazon Music and more to participate in a live panel on the future of XD and how the role of designers is changing. Today, we evaluate not just a product or service, but the experience itself. Experience Design (XD) is super important, as designers […]

Recording Message in Edge Browser

Adobe When using the Microsoft Edge browser in an Adobe Connect Meeting, you may see the following dialog box in the upper left: This does not indicate that the Adobe Connect Meeting is being recorded for later playback as an on-demand archive. To see if an Adobe Connect Meeting is being recorded, the place to […]

The Magnetic Lasso Tool Shortcuts

Adobe When using either the Magnetic Lasso tool, the following shortcuts can help to quickly change tool options. [ or ] decreases/increases the lasso width [ or ] + Shift goes to the minimum/maximum lasso width ‘,’ (comma) or ‘.’ (period) decreases/increases the edge contrast ‘,’ (comma) or ‘.’ (period) + Shift goes to the […]

Marketing-Rockstars sind wie Batman!

Adobe Autor: Marcus Tandler, Digital Professional und Suchmaschinenexperte Angus Young, Slash, Steven Tyler, Janis Joplin, Keith Richards, David Bowie – alles wahre Rockstars, die von hunderttausenden Fans auf der ganzen Welt für ihre Musik und Attitüde verehrt werden. Heutzutage muss man allerdings nicht mehr zwangsläufig Rock´n´Roll spielen können, um als Rockstar zu gelten. Ein Rockstar-Kult […]

Von der Showbühne direkt auf euren Screen: Alle Highlights vom Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2016 mit Adobe Slate

Adobe Content-Gipfel im hohen Norden: Beim Festival der Online Marketing Rockstars treffen heute und morgen die kreativen Köpfe und Rockstars der Marketing-Szene aufeinander. Gemeinsam mit Rockstars anderer Bereiche, wie Skateboard-Legende Tony Hawk, diskutieren sie über neue Ideen, Strategien und Tools für überzeugende Kampagnen im Digitalzeitalter. Wir von Adobe sind als Hauptsponsor an Bord. Zusammen mit […]