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Stratasys Creative Colours powered by the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine technology

Adobe Stratasys Creative Colours powered by the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine technology   At the Adobe Max event in October 2015, Stratasys and Adobe unveiled a joint vision for re-producing fully managed continuous colour 3D prints from the Stratasys Objet 500 Connex 3 3D Printer using Photoshop CC. Since then Adobe and Stratasys have been […]

Reimagining the Form

Adobe By Brian Paget, Technical Director for Public Sector Look around your office today. There are daily activities in our workplace so routine that people tend to overlook their need for modernization. The forms we fill out every day are a perfect example of an historically paper-based tool that can have a new life in […]

Adobe Translation Center 2011 – 2015

Adobe Adobe Community Translation Statistics An Open Letter to Adobe Translation contributors and subscribers A few years ago, we envisioned that the Adobe International Community would like to be involved in improving the quality of the products they use. We built the infrastructure that enabled our community to freely contribute feedback, vote on translations, propose […]

How To Create 3D Models from Photos in Photoshop

Adobe In this tutorial I will show you how to create 3D models using Adobe Stock photographs. To show you this technique we will create this composition resembling a smartphone ad using two Adobe Stock photos.                       To follow along, you can import these two […]

Four Ways Big Brands Can Innovate (And Compete) Like Mobile Startups

Marketing Cloud Forward-thinking business leaders across industries are starting to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovate their digital experiences around new devices. For digital marketers, this technology trend should be repositioned as the “Internet of Me,” according to Kevin Lindsay, Adobe’s director of product marketing. The wealth of digital data we can collect from mobile […]

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Email Marketing in 2016

Marketing Cloud Email remains a centerpiece of effective campaigns and a powerful way to nurture customer relationships. In 2016, dust off your email marketing methods, and place email at the heart of your content marketing strategy. Here are five resolutions you can make to ramp up your email programs and engage customers in the new […]

어도비 포트폴리오를 소개합니다!

Adobe 창작 디자인에 몸담고 있는 사람이라면 자신의 작품을 세련된 웹 사이트를 통해 선보이는 일도 작품만큼이나 중요시합니다. 모든 어도비 크리에이티브 클라우드(Adobe Creative Cloud) 플랜 멤버에게 무료로 제공되는 어도비 포트폴리오(Adobe Portfolio)를 이용하면 자신의 창의적인 작품을 소개하는 웹 사이트를 빠르고 간단하게 만들 수 있으므로 창작 작업에 더 많은 시간을 할애할 수 있습니다.크리에이티브 환경에 혁신적인 툴로 활용하게 될 어도비 […]

Exciting updates to Lightroom and Camera Raw

Adobe Earlier this week, Lightroom CC and Camera Raw were updated to versions 6.4 and 9.4 respectively. These updates introduce new features and enhancements, and fix several issues. Merged panorama enhancements While generating merged panoramas in either Lightroom or Camera Raw, you can now adjust a new setting — Boundary Warp. This setting intelligently warps […]

An Early Look At Unicode Version 10.0

Adobe It is with great sadness that I write that Unicode Version 9.0, whose beta was authorized yesterday, on the last day of UTC #146, will include no additional CJK Unified Ideographs. The next opportunity for additional CJK Unified Ideographs is therefore Unicode Version 10.0, which is slated for a June 2017 release, and is […]