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Trends from Interaction16 in Helsinki

Creative Cloud Over three jam packed days, and over one hundred speakers, Interaction 16 explored interaction design of many flavors. Over the years the conversation has evolved, and as Josh Seidan put it, we are no longer asking ‘What is interaction design?’ The discipline is evolving and growing more confident in its place in the […]

Fix it in pre: A VFX artist’s guide to motion control

Creative Cloud Patrik Forsberg will be presenting the session “A VFX Guide to Slamming the Boundaries Between Live Action and Game Engine Tech” in the Adobe booth at NAB 2016 on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 5:30 PM and Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 4:00 PM. Though he started his professional career touring Europe as […]

Amplifying Email Insights With Predictive Subject Lines

Marketing Cloud Years ago, the personal computer changed the world. Daily tasks became more automated and more efficient, changing the way we work and conduct business but also the way we live. Data Science is another technology milestone that is enhancing our work and lives. It adapts and evolves, driving hyper-personalized, real moments of connection between […]

Adobe Target Applies Data Science Rigor and New Algorithms to Personalize Content, Recommendations and Site Experiences

Marketing Cloud Last month, artificial intelligence, neural networking and data science took a collective leap forward when an AI program beat an expert player at the game of Go. Go had been widely considered the final frontier, a seemingly impossible hurdle with borderline-infinite complexity. Yet here we are. Go is on the verge of being solved. […]

Summit 2016: Mobile App Lifecycle Announcement

Marketing Cloud The mobile transformation happening with consumers and industries is currently in a second phase. The first phase was focused on presence; brands needed to put an app out and optimize for mobile Web. This happened quickly and users began migrating over. The latest data from Adobe Digital Index shows that in the retail, […]

A Better Way to Innovate: Think Markets, Not Products

Adobe For most of us in the tech world, the word “innovation” evokes the idea of the latest “it” device, app or online service. People often perceive success by how many novel and attention-grabbing products a company has created. While I don’t mean to diminish the tremendous influence of the Samsungs and Sonys of the […]