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Comp: Now Supporting Share to PDF

Adobe This week Comp got the ability to share to the PDF format, which is a valuable addition to sharing with people who quickly need to see a copy of the wireframe or layout for approval purposes or further discussion. The first time you use it, you’ll get a notification that it’s a free service […]

4 Trends Marketers Should Watch At Mobile World Congress

Marketing Cloud A recent global survey of more than 4,000 consumers showed that 92% of millennials considered the smartphone to be their primary device. Even when those in the 70+ category were asked, 67% answered the same. Whatever demographic, brands have to engage with users that are not only mobile-first, but also increasingly mobile-only, particularly […]

Adobe CEP Extensions, and developing add-ons for Audition

Adobe With the CC 2015.1 release of Audition, we implemented support for third-party integration via the Adobe Context Extensibility Platform (CEP).  This technology allows anyone with some HTML and JavaScript know-how to build integrated panels that extend or supplement the functionality of Adobe applications, offer access to third-party and web technologies without leaving the applications, […]

Lightroom 2.0 for Android, now available!

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 for Android adds in a number of new, important features, including: An in-app camera, supporting the capture of images in DNG raw format Shoot-through presets, also available within the in-app camera, enabling previewing and capturing images with a series of built-in presets providing non-destructive editing Dehaze tool to adjust haze and fog in an […]

25 Creative Tips from the #Ps25Under25 Artists

Adobe As our 25th year of Photoshop draws to a close (our 26th birthday is tomorrow… hint, hint), I want to take a moment to celebrate the creative minds who helped make this year so inspiring. Many of you followed along as we introduced 25 artists under the age of 25 on our Instagram channel. […]

Sika Group: Digitale Transformation weltweit

Adobe Das Bertelsmann-Unternehmen arvato ist nicht nur Anwender von Adobe Experience Manager. Sondern Tochter arvato Systems setzt diese Lösung aus der Marketing Cloud auch in Kundenprojekten ein. Beispielsweise bei der Sika Group, einem global agierenden Unternehmen der Spezialitätenchemie aus der Schweiz, dass damit seine digitalen Kundenerlebnisse weltweit optimiert. Dirk Brinkmann aus dem Bereich Marketing Solutions […]

arvato: Mit „Content first“ zu einer umfassenden Personalisierung

Adobe „Content Marketing bleibt weiterhin heiß“, betont jetzt Amir Mirshahi, Executive Director Strategy & Consulting bei der Agentur TRACK mit Sitz in Hamburg und Berlin. Aber Produktion und Performance klafften hier noch weit auseinander, denn 20 Prozent aller erstellten Inhalte würden nicht gelesen. Und nur einer von fünf Marken gelinge es dann auch, in der […]

Dynamic Tag Management and the User Experience

Marketing Cloud When Adobe acquired Satellite in 2013 and rebranded the Tag Management System as Dynamic Tag Management, we stated that DTM has the capability to truly revolutionize the way marketers tag their web properties and deliver personalized experiences to consumers. Internally, we called out three specific reasons for adding DTM as a no charge, added value feature to the Adobe Marketing […]