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Small Business Marketing 101: 3 Steps to Getting Started

Adobe You likely know that you need a marketing strategy for your small business, but actually creating one can often be a daunting task–especially given the wide range of platforms from Facebook to Snapchat that all claim to be the place where your customers are hanging out, just waiting for you brand message. Before you […]

Craig Windham, NPR journalist and newscaster, has passed away

Adobe Very saddened by the news today that Craig Windham died suddenly this weekend.  Craig was a consummate professional, and always one of my favorite NPR voices, and his presence will be sorely missed.  While reading about his passing, I learned how active he was in adolescent counseling outside of his work, which speaks well of […]

New Security Framework for Amazon Web Services Released

Adobe The Center for Internet Security, of which Adobe is a corporate supporter, recently released their “Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark.” This document provides prescriptive guidance for configuring security options for a subset of Amazon Web Services with an emphasis on foundational, testable, and architecture agnostic settings. It is designed to provide baseline suggestions for […]

Is Mobile the Key to Unlocking the Millennial Vote?

Adobe With the 2016 election cycle in full swing, candidates and strategists are working hard to connect with audiences of all backgrounds, ages and political beliefs. One particularly elusive group that almost every candidate is looking to harness support from is the millennial generation. Millennials can be identified by those born after 1980 but before […]

The Academy Doesn’t Care About Social Favorites

Marketing Cloud In 2016 the Academy doesn’t care about Oscar social favorites. The red carpet, designer gowns and tuxes, and countless Tweets are what make up the Oscars. It’s a chance for 6000 members of the Academy of motion pictures to buck popular opinion and choose who they think is the “best.” Last year I […]

Killing It With Mobile-Testing — Brand Secrets Revealed

Marketing Cloud Businesses large and small are unlocking the potential of mobile testing. The logic behind mobile testing is nothing new, but in the midst of the current mobile explosion, many are realizing that now is the time to get their underperforming mobile sites firing on all cylinders. By 2017, the world will have downloaded […]

The Future of Email – Where Will It Be in 2020?

Marketing Cloud It’s easy to say with confidence that the email landscape of 2020 will be defined by the investment and effort organizations put into their programs. Here are 3 predictions for email marketing and the role it will play in marketing in 2020. 1. Thinking Beyond the Inbox – Demise of the “Email Service […]

Adobe at the Heart of Digital Transformation to Enhance Sydney Opera House Experience

Adobe This story originally appeared on the APAC Digital Marketing blog. I am excited to share that the Sydney Opera House and Adobe are announcing a two-year Major Partnership that will help redefine how this symbol of Australian innovation and inspiration engages with audiences and visitors. The partnership underpins the ongoing digital transformation of the […]

Workflow Week (1): Desktop to CC Libraries

Adobe Every day this week, there will be a post that forms a five-part mini-series showing a Creative Cloud workflow. A few weeks back, we had a post that looked at a workflow starting in Comp; this series builds on that and gives a lot more detail as there is a video with every step, and […]

“Deadpool” comes alive with explosive action and dark comedy

Adobe Ever since Ryan Reynolds burst onto the screen as Marvel Comics’s anti-hero Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans have been clamoring to see their favorite “Merc with a Mouth” shine in a solo feature. The wait is over, as Deadpool has now hit the big screen in an adaptation filled with high-octane action sequences […]