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Using Creative Cloud to Bring Theme Parks to Life

Adobe This post is part of our ongoing Unexpected Creative Careers series. Click here to view all posts in this series. Becoming a Disney Imagineer or a theme park designer is every kid’s dream career. For the team at BRC Imagination Arts, it’s a reality. BRC is an experience design and production agency that creates theme park rides, […]

Kevin Brooks Pushes Creativity Forward

Adobe Project 1324 asked this year’s Sundance Ignite Fellows to describe their experience at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and the effect it had on their filmmaking. Here is Kevin Brooks, one of the five winners of our “What’s Next?” short film challenge, on wanting to do kickflips at Sundance and how film can “push society forward.” My Sundance experience was absolutely […]

In conversation with Gemma O’Brien

Adobe Make IT is right around the corner and we spoke to Australian artist and designer Gemma O’Brien  who specializes in lettering, illustration and typography. Get set to hear her speak at Make IT on 5 May, 2016. Can you tell us a little bit about your background as a creative artist? I have always […]

The NEW Digital-Content Universe — What You Need to Know NOW

Marketing Cloud The Internet is a very different place than it was just a few years ago. Your potential customers no longer take their time looking for information about your brand. In fact, a Chartbeat study of over 2 billion Web visits found that 55 percent of readers spent fewer than 15 seconds actively reading […]

How The Best Enterprises Think About Mobile Strategy

Marketing Cloud Like many organizations, you may think that mobile is something that the team over there does and not something critical to your everyday business processes. After all, it only represents a small percentage of how users interact with your brand, right? While that is the perception of mobile that seems to exist, that’s […]

Three Pillars to Unlock the Value of Customer-Journey Management

Marketing Cloud When will a customer buy? That’s a pretty big question, right? Predicting the point in time and the place in which our messaging and engagement will make a difference can be challenging to many marketers. But, we can exert control over what, when, and where we meet customers by managing the customer journey. […]

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom CC, LIVE on Twitch with Terry White

Creative Cloud Join us on the Adobe Channel, LIVE on Twitch.tv, as Adobe Design and Photography Evangelist Terry White will cover the basics of Adobe Lightroom CC for organizing, adjusting and publishing your photos. Each of the eight episodes of this stream will start with a particular set of functions/tools and, session after session, you […]

Meet the artist behind MAKE IT

Adobe As we gear up for MAKE IT, one of the biggest creativity events in Asia Pacific, scheduled for 5 May in Sydney we caught up with Shaivalini Kumar, the artist behind the MAKE IT logo. Shaivalini Kumar is a Visual Communication Designer who works primarily with illustration and typography. Stylistically, her art is vibrant, […]