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Standing Out in a Sea of Options: Time Warner Uses Creative Cloud to Deliver Powerful, Personalized Experiences

Adobe Consumers have endless options in every area of their lives, from the online content they consume to the television they watch. For content creators, this means that you need to deliver powerful, personalized experiences in order to hold your audience’s interest. Knowing what visitors want – and delivering that as a seamless experience – […]

Growing Digital Revenues in the Media Industry

Adobe There’s no denying the disruption and subsequent transformation in digital is affecting every Media Industry segment globally– from Publishing to TV/Broadcast and MVPD’s. From business process, to consumer touchpoints to go-to-market strategies, the dynamic shifts that continue to unfold are forcing most businesses to go through some manner of re-examination and re-invention. This is […]

Adobe & Congree: The Faster Way to Consistent, Comprehensible Texts

Adobe Authoring assistance is supposed to do what the name promises, namely to assist authors in their daily work. The software should neither disrupt existing workflows nor constrain the author in his work. A distinguishing feature of the Congree products is that they adapt to the technical writer’s mode of operation. They can be integrated […]

Update a node property using an AEM bundle

Adobe In the previous session, we have seen how to obtain resource. We later, translated the resource into a Page class, and programmatically using obtained its title. We will see one more example. Here, using an AEM bundle , we will write a property to the Page we created. In this case too, we need to use a […]

#CreativeFriday – Sharing an image(s) with Lightroom mobile

Adobe I was looking what’s new with Lightroom web today and found a small feature that now allows me to share a single or as many photos as i need, as opposed to a whole collection. Once in Lightroom web (hyperlink will take you there) and have logged into your Creative Cloud account, then you can […]

Fans Finally Get Layers in Photoshop Sketch

Adobe For everyone who waited so patiently, thank you gang; this one’s for you. At long last, iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro Photoshop Sketch users can draw with multiple image and drawing layers in this free mobile app. “Layer functionality was always on our roadmap,” said principle product manager Will Eisley. “And we’re grateful to […]

The Fight for New Sports Ad Dollars Starts on the Pitch

Marketing Cloud It’s simple business, once you have a mature product you look to either expand the reach of the existing product or create a new product. Sports is no different. In a world filled with cord cutters, digital television, and endless content, to compete, ESPN and Fox Sports have turned to one of the […]

OFFF 2016 — A creative party feeding the future

Adobe I traveled to Barcelona for the biggest creative conference in Europe last week. Invited to join the Adobe InfI jumped on a plane and quickly found adventure, friends and good times to be had. I put a few words on the screen here, but seriously you should just watch it through my camera: This […]