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A Better Way to Innovate: Think Markets, Not Products

Adobe For most of us in the tech world, the word “innovation” evokes the idea of the latest “it” device, app or online service. People often perceive success by how many novel and attention-grabbing products a company has created. While I don’t mean to diminish the tremendous influence of the Samsungs and Sonys of the […]

Adobe Stock’s Best of February

Adobe The shortest month it may be, even with this year’s bonus day, but February’s ‘Best of’ gallery by no means falls short of visual panache. The drawing of lighter mornings and evenings are represented in lighter, outdoor based imagery, maintaining a cool, crisp offset; the warmth of summer still not upon us. YULIYA YAFIMIK / ADOBE STOCK GOLUBOVY […]

Need HTML5 Ads? Adobe Animate CC to the Rescue!

Adobe In this comprehensive whitepaper, I will walk you through the some of the most relevant and important Adobe Animate features that HTML5 ad creators will need to harness in order to take full advantage of it’s capabilities. I’ll also sprinkle in some random tips, tricks and techniques that will help facilitate an efficient workflow as […]

The 6 Biggest Design Mistakes Brands are Making Today

Adobe Design mistakes can be as simple as a bad font choice or as serious as a poorly crafted UX.  Whether you’re following a trend that’s not right for your brand or failing to ask the critical questions about the user experience, design mistakes can cost you sales and customer relationships. We reached out to […]

Adobe & eLearning Brothers add 70+ Scenario Interactions to Captivate 9 Asset Store

Adobe We’ve just released four new templates into the Captivate 9 Assets library. These interactions are branching scenarios that are themed around the many ways we communicate: mail, computers, tablets, and phones. The included assets come with over 70 total scenario interactions that will help your learners to distinguish good decisions from bad ones. Each […]

#CreativeFriday – Lightroom Web – Technology Preview – Search

Adobe Lightroom web is a great way to see and work with your images when you are near a browser, be it on the phone or on an iPad/tablet device. Technology previews are now available in Lightroom web, the first one is the natural search. To turn on Technology previews, choose ‘Open Technology Previews’ on […]

Seen This Week: Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen on CNBC

Adobe Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke with CNBC’s Jon Fortt this morning to discuss Adobe’s Q1 2016 earnings and our company’s strategy for growing Adobe Creative Cloud. “It’s clear that Creative Cloud is now the one-stop shop for everything from inspiration to monetization,” Shantanu said. Watch the clip below: