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Prayasam | Creative Catalyst Spotlight

Adobe We recently visited the filmmakers of Prayasam, one of our Creative Catalyst partners, as they were shooting the finals scenes of their new films on the streets of Kolkata, India. These films premiered last week at the Bad and Beautiful World Film Festival. The festival analyzes “the masked realities of complex human nature, the irony of […]

My Adobe Life: Kishore Balakrishnan

Adobe No two career journeys at Adobe are alike, and sometimes the surprise turns and stops along the way make for the most rewarding experiences. In our series “My Adobe Life,” we explore some of these diverse stories, asking employees to share their best insights, advice and lessons learned along the way. We recently talked […]

Making Adobe XD: Redefining Beta

Adobe Creating and crafting software can be a very satisfying endeavor. I love it and I am passionate about it. I am lucky to lead a talented engineering team for a new initiative at Adobe, called  Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD for short). One of our main goals as we were working out the […]

11 consejos de expertos para mejorar tu portfolio

Adobe En este OFFF 2016 reputados artistas de todo el mundo compartieron consejos y trucos para mejorar la presentación de tu Adobe Portfolio. ¡Aprovéchalos para que tu carrera dé un salto adelante! ¿Qué darías por conseguir un like de la colaboradora de Pentagram Paula Scher o que la mirada crítica del diseñador gráfico Timothy Goodman […]

5 artisti che ti faranno venire fame

Adobe Non c’è limite alla creatività. L’arte viene alimentata da numerose discipline e da elementi che la nutrono e la guidano attraverso nuovi canali ed audience. Il cibo è onnipresente nelle nostre vite quotidiane: ci consente di sopravvivere. Ma cosa succede se il cibo e l’arte si uniscono? Di seguito, andremo a mostrarti il punto […]

How to Develop a Seamless Analytics-Maturity Plan

Marketing Cloud Tired of meaningless data that can’t be leveraged? Tired of not knowing your audience base? What if you could find your customers before they find you and target them with an optimized experience? It’s time to achieve predictive-marketing brilliance. Follow these three simple stages to develop a bulletproof analytics-maturity plan using Adobe Marketing […]

DuPont: Cultivating a Global Strategy for Mobile Apps

Marketing Cloud The annual Adobe Summit always brings in an impressive array of guest speakers. One of my favorite panels at the 2016 Summit was about cultivating a global strategy for mobile apps. Joanne Hewitson, global digital-marketing lead for DuPont’s Crop Protection Division, talked in depth about the global tools and standards she’s helped her […]

Automation: Because You Have Bigger Fish to Fry Than Testing Button Color

Marketing Cloud Many marketing professionals today have become paralyzed by the effort needed to manage programs that are growing both in complexity and scale. To manage these programs successfully, marketers will need to employ automated machine learning to take care of some of the more mundane tasks associated with a program. Marketing today reminds me […]


Adobe みなさん、こんにちは。アドビの栃谷です。 ブログ発表されましたが、次期Photoshopに追加予定の「コンテンツに応じた切り抜き」機能が5月31日に紹介されました。 次期アップデートでPhotoshop CCに搭載予定の「コンテンツに応じた切り抜き」を先行公開 「デジタルフォト&デザインセミナー 2016」では、この機能をLIVE&日本語で紹介させていただきました。また、この場で恐縮ですが、ご来場いただきました方々、ネット放送で閲覧していただいた多くの方々に、深くお礼を述べさせていただきます。本当にありがとうございました! https://images-tv.adobe.com/avp/vr/a2e0c8fd-0e03-426f-ad35-5be4049e9685/b7c269ad-1604-4216-876f-2c09df3112d2/82a23997-02c5-4c46-904c-0704bcf04e64_20160531120222.854x480at800_vp8.webm (49:57より約10分間で「コンテンツに応じた切り抜き」機能の紹介とデモンストレーションがあります。ぜひご覧ください!) Creative Cloudは「継続する進化」をお客様に提供します。Photoshop CCにはさらに多くの新機能、機能強化がされる予定です。ぜひ、楽しみに、そしてご期待頂ければと思います。 ということで、LIVEデモ!Photoshopの次期アップデート搭載の「コンテンツに応じた切り抜き」のお話でした。

모바일 마케팅에서 중요한 4가지

Adobe 디지털 퍼스트 시대에서 모바일 퍼스트 시대로 넘어가고 있다. 마케팅에 있어 고객이 필요로 하는 ‘무엇’을 전달하는 것만큼이나 ‘어떻게’ 전달하는지도 중요하다. ‘무엇’을 ‘언제’ 전하는 것이 ‘어떤 형태로’ 나타나느냐에 따라 그 중요성이 간과되거나 흐릿하게 느껴질 수 있는데 그것은 고객의 부주의함이 아니라 고객의 상황을 적절하게 예측하는 세심한 마케팅이 문제 해결의 열쇠가 될 수 있다. 그렇다면 항상 어딘가로 이동중인 […]