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Want to get — and keep — that great hire? Think technology first

Adobe You interview, you vet, you hire — it’s the typical HR loop surrounding new employees and one you’ve likely mastered. But more and more, organizations are revisiting the specific on-boarding process as well, and with good cause. Engaging and integrating a team member doesn’t start with the interview and end with the offer. Instead, today’s on-boarding […]

Recap: Adobe at Disposable Film Fest 2016

Adobe Adobe partnered with the Disposable Film Festival to present an inspiring Weekend Workshop on storytelling as part of DFF 2016, held in San Francisco. We brought 25 filmmakers of all levels together at the San Francisco Film Society’s Filmhouse for a 2-day workshop to learn the ins and outs of video storytelling. We kicked off Day One […]

Connect 9.5 Bandwidth Utilization Estimates Illustrated

Adobe Introduction: Adobe Connect bandwidth utilization will vary based on use case. Variables such as Meeting size, Connect features employed, disposition of clients and type of Connect server hosting, all have an effect on the network bandwidth utilized and as well as on where the bandwidth on a network will be most affected. This article […]

Telling web stories with Adobe Spark

Adobe Adobe Spark—the new bouquet of creative tools by Adobe—helped me transform my post about culinary experiments into a wonderful web story in just a few minutes. I used Spark Page, which comes with beautiful photo layouts where you can place pictures and text and put them all in motion with just a glide of […]

2016 MAX Speaker: Aaron Draplin on Pretty Much Everything Pt. 2

Adobe In Part 2 of our interview with Aaron Draplin we talk creative inspiration, new techniques and the rise of the Field Notes brand. You can read Part 1 of our interview here. Q: Have you recently discovered any new tools or techniques that you’re able to incorporate into the way you work? A: Not […]

Adobe Stock’s Best of May Gallery

Creative Cloud Befitting the month of May are the zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini: anthropomorphically charging forth towards summer, with a split personality of whether it belongs in torrents of persistent rain or bursts of bright sunshine.  Conforming to the seasonality, our chosen ‘Best of May’ images feature vivid colors which burst out of muted backdrops. Whether […]

8 Steps to More Profitable Audience Intelligence

Marketing Cloud Any media or entertainment company can take the lead in audience intelligence by following a simple 8-step plan. This plan is laid out in detail in a new white paper titled “Play to Win in Audience Intelligence.” Here’s a quick snapshot of the 8 steps: Here’s the most important things to know about […]

People-Based Advertising Is Here — Embrace it!

Marketing Cloud The goals of advertising haven’t changed over the years; we’ve just changed how we go about it. Better data and technology allow us to target people with specific messaging as opposed to simply targeting devices, and people-based advertising is all about the fact that it’s people who buy — not devices. It’s about […]

Three Stories of Successful Mobile Engagements With Apps

Marketing Cloud Although the customer journey may begin with a responsive or mobile website, we know that your most loyal and valuable customers prefer apps. At Adobe Summit 2016 in Las Vegas, several brands shared their best practices for acquiring, analyzing, and engaging app users. Let’s begin by looking at Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), a […]