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XD Essentials: Card-Based User Interfaces

Adobe Web and mobile apps are moving away from pages towards completely personalized experiences. These new experiences are built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content. The way this content is now being presented is in the form of cards, the new and trendy creative concept. In this article, we’ll explain what cards […]

Adobe and East Tennessee State University Enter Academic Alliance

Adobe Pictured: Dr. Stephen Marshall, Chair, Department of Mass Communication, ETSU Today we’re excited to announce a new enterprise-level academic alliance with East Tennessee State University (ETSU). ETSU is the first academic institution in the nation to work with Adobe to implement Adobe Marketing Cloud into their curriculum. As part of this alliance, ETSU faculty […]

Adobe Stock Contributor Series: Cowboys and Horses

Adobe When a Contributor describes a photo, you get a chance to step inside it, to be encompassed by the sounds, smell, temperature and visual display. Listening to photographer Jeanne Provost describe her thrilling and vivid ‘Cowboys and Horses’ series, we could almost taste the grit. “The first few years I shot in film and it was very difficult […]

#CreativeImpact with Anna Russett

Adobe Photography and story by Alina Tsvor When we invited photographer Alina Tsvor to profile an artist dedicated to social impact, the first person that came to mind was her friend Anna Russett — a YouTube producer who creates empowering videos to counter the social pressures affecting women. “No one really makes art for young […]

The Man Behind “The Symbol:” Minneapolis Creative Talks About Collaborating With Prince

Adobe We interviewed Mitch Monson, Creative Director/Designer, who started working with Prince over twenty years ago and designed the iconic Love Symbol for the “Artist Formerly Known as Prince” with CD/Producer Sotera Tschetter and Art Director Lizz Luce. The Symbol was eventually incorporated into every facet of Prince’s music videos, concert staging, album artwork, guitars, […]

A Simple 4-Step Process To Help Drive Connected Customer Experiences

Marketing Cloud Many brands still believe that they need to establish websites first, only thinking about mobile once they have laid their online foundations. However, as time goes by, we are transitioning from a mobile-first environment to a mobile-only environment. Mobile is no longer an afterthought when it comes to your customer journey; mobile is […]

Put Personalization in Context With Real-Time Email Marketing

Marketing Cloud Consumers can smell superficial personalization from a mile away. Even a relevant, interactive campaign can elicit eye rolls if the personal details and suggestions aren’t spot on. But, marketers are daring. According to the Real-Time Marketing Insights Study, conducted by Adobe and Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 77 percent believe real-time personalization is crucial, […]