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UX 전문가에게 묻다: 사용자로부터 얻은 교훈

Adobe 디자이너가 사용자에 대해 더 많은 것을 파악하려면 사용성 테스트, 사용자 리서치, 웹 분석 등 몇 가지 툴을 사용할 수 있겠지만, 경우에 따라서는 기대조차 하지 않은 시점에서 사용자가 해답을 제시해 주기도 합니다. 이 해답은 디자이너가 인식하는 사용자의 정체성, 행동 방식의 틀을 빗나가거나 디자이너가 생각하는 개념에 정반대되는 것일 수도 있습니다. 사용자는 인간이고 인간이 항상 예상대로 행동하지만은 […]

Introducing Source Han Super OTC

Adobe The release of Source Han Serif earlier this month, on 2017-04-03, gave me an opportunity to build yet another resource for stress-testing environments, particularly those that consume OpenType/CFF Collections. (This also continues to simplify file management by combining three Super OTCs into a much larger one.) Basically, I combined the Super OTCs of Source […]

Using OSGi annotations (>= AEM6.2)

Adobe From AEM6.2 you can use OSGi annotations in your project, instead of the good-old Felix ones. You can still use the Felix annotations in your project, but I hope after this article you are tempted to use the OSGi annotations. In this article I will describe how to use them, and some advantages in […]

Finn Harries on Owning Your Impact

Adobe We all have a responsibility to rise to the challenges that have been put before us. When it comes to protecting planet earth it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, what gender or sexual orientation you are or religion you believe in. This is a problem that affects every single one of us – […]

Come See Adobe Sign at a Salesforce Partner Event Near You

Adobe It’s spring—and in addition to warmer weather and spring break, it’s a top season for partner events for Salesforce customers. Adobe Sign may be sponsoring a partner event near you, and if so, we’d love to see you. We will have teams on-site to chat about the latest Adobe Sign innovations and how we […]

Dave Tech Table: Premiere Pro CC 2017年4月アップデート

Adobe 弊社David K Helmlyによる、Premiere Pro CC 2017年4月アップデートの機能紹介ビデオです。冒頭の約90秒で概要を解説した後、以下の機能を紹介しています。 エッセンシャルグラフィックスパネル モーショングラフィックステンプレート After Effectsからのモーショングラフィックステンプレート作成、書き出し エッセンシャルサウンドパネル 会話の音声レベル自動調整、およびノイズなどの除去 Premiere ProからAuditionへの連携 Adobe Stockへの直接出力 チームプロジェクト After EffectsとのDynamic Linkに新たに対応 VRアンビソニックオーディオ対応 VR投影法エフェクト アンビソニックオーディオ対応でのVRビデオ書き出し

Hinter den Kulissen: Das Tiny Atlas Quarterly Magazin

Adobe Adobe Stock ist vor Kurzem gemeinsam mit Tiny Atlas Quarterly und einer Gruppe hoch talentierter Fotografen nach Tahiti gereist, um Bilder für die Premium Collection von Adobe Stock in Französisch-Polynesien zu machen. Wir haben mit Emily Nathan, Fotografin und Gründerin von Tiny Atlas, über die Ziele des Magazins und die Bedeutung des Reisens für […]

SXSW 2017: digital nomad paradise

Adobe With fast WiFi, free food, sunshine, co-working spaces like WeWork, 70,000 people from all over the world, daily craziness around the corner and inspiring talks on every square meter; SXSW Interactive Festival is the place to be for digital nomads to meet the most inspiring, well uh, other digital nomads. Welcome to Digital Nomad […]

A/B Testing Insights From UserTesting’s Brian Smith

Creative Cloud Brian Smith has been on the forefront of eCommerce and digital marketing for more than 20 years (his first online purchase was in 1994)! Through much of that time, he’s been running A/B tests for clients around the world. A/B tests (sometimes called split testing) involve comparing two variants of a website or […]