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Five Questions Customer Experience Professionals Are Asking Today

Marketing Cloud Everyone is talking about customer experience. What it is, why it’s important, how to deliver it, and how to improve it. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion. Which is why I thought you’d be interested in hearing what the experts are wondering about. These are the directors and managers of CX inside Fortune […]

인스타그램 성공에서 엿보는 모바일 시대의 콘텐츠 문법

Adobe 인스타그램의 탄생과 성장 대학을 졸업 후 2년동안 구글에서 다양한 어플리케이션 개발에 몸담았던 케빈 시스트롬은, 구글을 떠나 넥스트스탑이라는 스타트업에 입사합니다. 그가 회사에서 맡았던 업무는 마케팅이었지만 케빈은 회사 주 업무 시간 외에는 자유롭게 개발을 할 수 있었습니다. 그때 그가 낸 주요 아이디어는 HTML5 만으로 만들어진 작고 유용한 게임이었는데, 직관적이고 단순한 느낌을 위해 ‘꼭 정사각형이어야 한다’ 는 […]

Mission Critical: An Update on Federal Cybersecurity

Adobe Recently, members of the cybersecurity community joined Adobe and Nextgov at an event called “Mission Critical: An Update on Federal Cybersecurity.” In a packed room near the White House, Dr. Steven Gottwals, technical director for security solutions at Adobe Systems Federal, outlined Adobe’s vision for improved federal cybersecurity based around adoption of data-centric security […]

Certiport Announces 2016 Adobe Certified Associate World Champions

Adobe For the fourth year running, it has been amazing to see student artists across the globe compete in the annual Adobe Certified Associate World Championship. Of the over 230,000 total entries submitted into this competition, 33 students were selected to compete in Orlando, FL for the ACA World Championship title. This year, Lourdes Gimena Anquiano Bermúdez […]

7 Strategies for Effective Visual Storytelling

Adobe For Brian Barrus, Creative Director at Studio Element, the term “visual storytelling” perfectly describes what designers do. Barrus has worked with clients like Franklin Covey, Bluehost, Microsoft, and the Navajo nation to tell their brand stories through visual designs ranging from interactive infographics to video content. “The term ‘visual storytelling’ is a hot trend […]

Adobe HR Automates Document Processes with Adobe Sign

Adobe As part of a multi-year initiative, Adobe has established an innovative program whereby they deploy and use their own products in various departments throughout the organization. IDC recently explored how the company’s global HR department implemented Adobe Sign to streamline and completely digitize document workflows. Here’s how they did it. About two years ago, […]

Three Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty Through Cross-Channel Campaigns

Marketing Cloud At this point, we’re well entrenched in a customer-first landscape — and that customer is always on and has a heightened sensitivity to every touchpoint and every brand experience that comes his or her way. For today’s consumers, the last millisecond is a very real, very compelling force — if they don’t get […]

Adobe Accelerates CX Innovation With Digital Asset Management

Marketing Cloud “Eighty percent of the content we create comes from your tools. And each year, we create almost twice as much content as the year before.” Earlier this year, we met with a retail customer who made this claim. While it was a remarkable data point, it also points to why customers look to […]

Contributor Spotlight: Wundervisuals

Creative Cloud It takes strong direction, a lot of planning and a happy crew to get the results of Adobe Stock contributor Wundervisuals. Kevin and Pascal’s portfolio is playful, colorful and engaging, making you wish you were part of the creation. They keep their content fresh by working with a great team, using unique perspectives, […]