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#CreativeFriday – Read only Libraires

Adobe The Creative Cloud Libraries got a lovely boost this week, by including the option to choose if a library collaborator is able to Read or Change a library that they have been invited to. Libraries are a great way to collaborate on assets that will be used within a document, be it inside Illustrator, […]

Join Us for the Future of Work Think Tank

Adobe What does the future of work hold? How will changes in the workplace and technology affect how, where, and when we work? That is the topic we will be tackling in Think Tank by Adobe on May 25th, at 1pm PT. Join moderator Jeremiah Owyang and a group of thought leaders for the livestreamed […]

The Gray Area

Creative Cloud Halfway between white and black lies the color gray. To assume it bland and monotonous is to be shortsighted. It is timeless, practical, cool, neutral and balanced. A calm and soothing tone, both chic and sophisticated, it is often used in contemporary design and interiors. Gray has also become a color representing modernism, establishing […]

Why machine-learning will enhance, not replace, human creativity

Marketing Cloud Machines are getting smarter. And pretty soon, they’ll come for us. That seems to be the story today, whether from Hollywood or in breathless articles in popular tech magazines about artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. In a world where machines can learn, once humans push the “on” button, there’s no stopping our robot overlords, […]

Connect Meeting RTMP VS/VIPs on Load-Balancers

Adobe This article applies to on-premise Adobe Connect servers running behind hardware-based load-balancing devices or SSL accelerators. A common cause of performance problems in Adobe Connect Meetings stems from the improper configuration of the Virtual Server (VS) Virtual IP Address (VIP) handling Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) traffic in on-premise Connect deployments. An Adobe Connect […]

How to Deliver a Digital Experience That Matters to Canadians

Adobe Best practices for enhancing government service delivery Prakash Amirtharaj, Vice President Public Sector, Adobe Systems Canada On-the-go citizens demand everything to be engaging, real-time and relevant. Touchpoints have exploded: SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – you name it, there’s an audience who requests it. And to top it off – content must be digital, mobile-friendly […]

Introducing a personalized Adobe Education Exchange

Adobe   By Matt Niemitz, Product Lead, Adobe Education Exchange Today we rolled out a new experience designed to help you quickly find relevant content and highlight your creative teaching. We hope this personalization makes the Adobe Education Exchange easier to use and more valuable to you. Keep reading to learn what’s new then dive […]

25 Years of Unicode

Adobe The Unicode Consortium celebrated its 25th anniversary in January of this year. The photo above is the celebratory (U+1F955 CARROT; a Unicode Version 9.0 candidate) cake that was enjoyed during the UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) #146 meeting that was hosted by IBM in San José from January 25th through 28th, 2016. For UTC #147, […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Creative Cloud Subscription

Creative Cloud From access to an exclusive asset marketplace to a website to help you launch your career, Creative Cloud is designed to help you create your best work and share that work with the world.  If you’re not taking advantage of these five features, you’re not getting the most out of your Creative Cloud […]