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시각적인 스토리텔링을 효과적으로 전달하기 위한 7가지 전략

Adobe 2016년 8월 업데이트 스튜디오 엘리먼트(Studio Element)의 크리에이티브 디렉터인 브라이언 배러스(Brian Barrus)에게 “시각적 스토리텔링”은 디자이너가 하는 일을 정확하게 묘사해주는 단어입니다. 배러스는 프랭클린 코비(Franklin Covey), 블루호스트(Bluehost), 마이크로소프트(Microsoft), 나바호 네이션(Navajo nation) 등의 클라이언트와 작업하면서 인터랙티브한 인포그래픽에서부터 비디오 콘텐츠를 아우르는 다양한 시각 디자인으로 이들의 브랜드 스토리를 전달해 왔습니다. 배러스는 “시각적 스토리텔링’이 현재 대세적인 트렌드로 부상하고 있는데 많은 분들이 […]

#CreativeImpact | Q&A with VR Designer Lucy Bonner

Adobe Lucy Bonner uses coding, virtual reality, and illustration to confront social imbalance and bias through interactive design. Project 1324 recently caught up with the designer to chat about her latest project, Compliment, and her advice for creating impactful VR experiences. What social issues inspire your creative work and why? Social issues surrounding systemic imbalances […]

Come for Developer Day @ Adobe San Jose on September 12th

Adobe On September 12th, Adobe will be hosting a Developer Day hosted by SAFECode, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and Adobe at Adobe’s San Jose headquarters. The agenda is packed with great content and experts from leading product security organizations. Please consider attending on Monday to have the opportunity to learn and network with peers across the […]

Adobe Works with BYU Summer Security Camp for Girls

Adobe Adobe Works with the BYU Cybersecurity Summer Camp for Girls This summer members of the Adobe security teams worked with Brigham Young University (BYU) on a free cybersecurity summer camp for girls in grades 8 – 12.  This event is organized by the BYU Cybersecurity Research Lab and Adobe helps with funding, curriculum development, […]

Announcing Adobe Analytics Challenge 2016

Marketing Cloud I’m pleased to announce that the 15th annual Adobe Analytics Challenge will be kicking-off on September 22, 2016! Years ago, the Adobe Analytics Challenge was born as a recruiting tool to help the team uncover bright minds and talent passionate about analytics. It has grown into one of the top business competitions in […]

“Follow Your Gut” – Sophie Ebrard’s Advice On Capturing The Perfect Shot

Adobe Last month at the Adobe Photography Jam, the hugely talented and hilarious Sophie Ebrard talked about the importance of breaking away from the constricts of society and following your dreams in order to capture that perfect shot. Here she discusses her career as a photographer and director, the inspiration behind her genial campaigns and […]

#dmexcoChat auf Twitter: Führende Experten diskutieren das neue Kundenerlebnis

Adobe Kunden sind dem Erlebnis treu, nicht der Marke. Darauf müssen sich Unternehmen zunehmend einstellen. Für sie geht es nicht länger um Produkte oder Services, sondern um Erlebnisse. Das Zeitalter des Experience Business hat begonnen. Worauf es dabei ankommt und wie Unternehmen am effizientesten in diese neue Ära durchstarten, diskutieren führende Experten am 14. und […]

Execute Seamless Campaigns Across Digital and Physical Worlds

Marketing Cloud Livefyre.require([‘app-embed#0.8.0’], function (appEmbed) {appEmbed.loadAll().done(function(embed) {embed = embed[0];if(embed.el.onload && embed.getConfig){embed.el.onload(embed.getConfig());}});}); The post Execute Seamless Campaigns Across Digital and Physical Worlds appeared first on Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe.