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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Video Script

Adobe Slick animation, smooth transitions, professional-looking themes—these are all important elements of polished online videos. But what makes visual media really shine is a strong, concise message, told in a way only your unique perspective and voice can. Whether you’re telling a personal story, creating a fundraising pitch, or teaching potential customers about your business, videos—and stories […]

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Turn any smartphone camera image into a PDF

Adobe In the age of digitization, physical documents are disappearing from everyday life. Interestingly, this paperless shift makes some of those physical documents even more precious. You may not miss clumsy group reviews, tracking down a notary, or the eternal hunt for a functioning ballpoint. However, you may miss turning the pages of your passport […]

Adobe Stock: Announcing 4K Video – Now Available!

Adobe We are excited to announce that over 100,000 native 4K video assets have been added to our ever-growing content collection on Adobe Stock. The collection already includes over one million video assets and over 45 million images and graphics. 4K is increasingly becoming the new standard for video production, and demand for higher resolution […]

Escape from Cell Block A4: Breaking the boundaries of the written document

Adobe This article was originally published in “What’s the Future of Work?” on Medium. You can find it here. — A document is a box of words arranged in a predetermined and unchangeable order. Readers can only physically interact with a document in two ways: they can turn its pages and they can scribble in […]

How to Discuss Design Without Losing Your Mind

Creative Cloud Every designer has been there. A design that’s not your own comes by your desk and you’re asked to provide the other f-word: feedback. You might sit there and grapple with what has been presented alone, using the proverbial red pen to rip apart what’s in front of you. You might instead gather […]

Millennials and Digital Shifts Will Rule Super Bowl 50

Marketing Cloud Millennials and digital shifts will rule Super Bowl 50 January 15, 1967 was the first Super Bowl and the beginning of an era and a catalyst for the Sports revolution that has led to billions spent on advertising, teams, and players for a past time that Americans can’t get enough of. Led by […]

The Mobile Trend That Some Retail Brands May Miss

Marketing Cloud It was a big season for online retailers. From November through December 2015, the final sales tally exceeded $83 billion (12.7% more than the year before). Cyber Monday alone ended up being the single largest online shopping day in history, generating over $3 billion in sales. As consumers grew more comfortable with transferring […]

반응형 사용자 경험의 모범 사례

Adobe 2015년 12월 업데이트 디바이스와 화면 크기가 다양화되고 그 수도 폭발적으로 증가하기 시작하면서 반응형 디자인은 일반화 되었습니다. 구글이 모바일 친화적인 디자인을 우호적으로 언급하면서 반응형 디자인의 필요성이 더욱 설득력을 갖게 되었습니다. 2014년 조사에서 사이트 중 15%만이 완벽한 반응형 사이트인 것으로 추산되었습니다. 이러한 결과는 뛰어난 반응형 사용자 경험 디자인에 대한 수요가 계속 증가할 것임을 시사하는 것입니다. 워크플로우의 […]

The Highest Form of Flattery

Adobe The legal world is always slow to change.  Perhaps it is the cautious nature of lawyers, or the entrenched processes of court clerks or maybe everyone in the legal community is a little too in love with stare decisis. Nevertheless, the legal community has inched forward and most courts now accept electronic filings. For […]