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5 Reasons You Should Use Adobe Stock for Enterprise

Adobe Enterprises need to develop systems to achieve content velocity. There has never been a stronger demand to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 88% of organizations use content marketing; however, investing in effective strategies and workflows is a major focus for businesses. Adobe Stock for enterprise can help […]

Creating digital learning content to create more successful students

Adobe It happens at every school, every day. Whether their attention wanders or they just don’t understand a particular concept or lesson, students often miss out on learning key information during class. The consequences can build quickly, as the failure to learn one concept impedes learning the next, academic progress begins to slip, and the […]

Calm Technology In The Era of Experience Design

Creative Cloud Technology is intrusive. It beeps, buzzes and flashes, constantly trying to get our attention. It interrupts us when we’re eating dinner with our loved ones and pushes notifications at us until it succeeds in completely stealing our conversation away. We’re in relationships with our devices and they don’t want us to forget about […]

Visual Customer Insights with Adobe Analytics Activity Map

Marketing Cloud Growing up, I often enjoyed playing flight simulators on my family’s computer. My personal favorite was one that put the player in the cockpit of a powerful fighter jet called the F/A-18 Hornet. The Hornet was sleek and fast, and I loved to kick on the afterburners until my airplane disintegrated under the […]

Empowering Creatives is the Key to Collaborative Culture & Brand Growth

Adobe This post was written by Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO of Wrike. Wrike is a 2016 MAX partner. We’d like to thank all of our 2016 MAX partners who help make the conference possible. At Wrike, we try to be a different than other work management software. We’ve always believed that creatives are the […]

Lifting the Subject with Backlighting

Adobe Most photographers spend a good deal of time thinking about the quality, direction and quantity of light that’s falling on the front of their subject. We spend time and effort to carefully balance light striking the subject from the left and right, whether with flash or reflectors, to ensure we avoid creating a flat looking […]

Illustration and Animation Live Stream | October 18th – 20th!

Creative Cloud Are you into Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design? You’re in luck! We’ve scheduled an exclusive Adobe Live Stream just for you and we’ve invited four designers to join us for 3 days of streaming, beginning October 18th. They will create illustrations and animations using Creative Cloud, and answer your questions live. Check out […]

Makamo luce sus ideas

Adobe Antes de verano, cuando inauguramos este blog, quisimos abrirlo a la comunidad creativa. El blog Creative Connection es un espacio open source, donde queremos publicar trabajos y opiniones de todos estos creativos, bloggers y periodistas españoles que tanto admiramos. Para lanzar ese gran primero momento de conexión entre todos, elejimos 50 personas a las […]

Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Verifying Revision Changes

Adobe As the barriers to document collaboration fall, through access to numerous document storage connectors, it’s easier than ever to provide valuable feedback. But what exactly happens to all that feedback? How do you ensure that every comma, dangling modifier, and subject-matter expertise is correctly incorporated back into a document? Imagine a business contract revision […]