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Adobe Analytics Segment Comparison Tool

Adobe Digital Marketing organizations have access to a plethora of data which is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Digital Marketers have tools to segment their customers or visitors based on their geography , demography, and behavior etc., but it is still a challenging task to easily compare the performance of one segment of customers with […]

Why isn’t TV advertising dead yet?

Adobe Well the answer is kind of obvious. Many marketers still see TV advertising as the best place to reach the masses and create awareness around their brand. Largely driven by big commercial events such as The Olympics, The Superbowl, World Cups and regional championships, TV is still the single largest advertising investment by companies […]

#CreativeFriday – Adobe UK’s Photography Jam

Adobe Last month on a sunny evening in Shoreditch, London, Adobe UK held it’s first Photography JAM. The idea of the event was to invite 10 local Photographers to take part in a challenge, as well as present and inspire to a live audience, the new and improved tools in Photoshop and Lightroom as part […]

Social for the Modern Marketer

Marketing Cloud Livefyre.require([‘app-embed#0.8.0’], function (appEmbed) {appEmbed.loadAll().done(function(embed) {embed = embed[0];if(embed.el.onload && embed.getConfig){embed.el.onload(embed.getConfig());}});}); The post Social for the Modern Marketer appeared first on Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe.

Standing Up: Creativity Scholars on Gender Equality

Adobe Over the past month, 2016 Adobe Creativity Scholars have shared their perspectives on numerous themes around social impact. Most recently, these emerging creatives highlight stories about race and identity. From three continents, this week’s Creativity Scholars record the reality of women’s issues today, in hopes of creating gender equality tomorrow. Using film, they expose discrimination, […]

Designing for Large-Scale Interactive Media at LAX

Adobe Can large-scale, story driven visual media and interactive features help put the magic and romance back into air travel? The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) is doing just that at LAX’s international terminal. The experience contains seven media features, including Welcome and Bon Voyage walls, a four-sided Time Tower and interactive portals that guide […]

Creating HTML5 Ads With Animate CC: Multi-line Text Support, Publish Assets to Root Folder, and Center Stage

Adobe Our series highlighting some of the best Animate CC features for creating HTML5 ads continues! In case you’ve missed them, check out other posts from this series. Multi-line Behavior Support for Canvas Text Objects This latest release enhances the visual design experience when working with dynamic text fields in an Animate CC Canvas document. […]

Seven Tips to Give Your Email-Marketing Signups a Boost

Marketing Cloud It’s true that customers can begin their journeys with your brand at many different touchpoints, both on and offline. During these first impressions, customers are often still anonymous. Many brands convert anonymous prospects to known prospects through email subscriptions. Use the following seven steps to increase your email-marketing signups! 1. Use Behavioral Indicators […]

Dynamic Tag Management and the Overnight Test

Marketing Cloud This is a guest post from Cleve Young at Starwood Hotels. It’s a first look at how both practitioners and managers can benefit from dynamic tag management in different ways. A big THANKS! to Cleve for contributing his time to create this post and share his experiences with all of us. Cleve is […]

Meet the Designer: Carlos Pariente

Adobe Carlos Pariente keeps busy as a UI designer at Redbility—a Madrid-based, all-purpose digital design agency—and stays busy with personal projects outside the office that allow him to realize his own self-directed branding, UX, and UI experiments. We got the scoop from Carlos on the importance of functional design, the inspirational power of networking, and […]