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Engage More Users More Often With In-App and OS Messaging

Adobe You’ve created your app, managed to get it on your audience’s device, and now the big question: how do you keep them coming back for more? The first step is making sure you are delivering compelling, always up-to-date content that your audience cares about and that keeps your app relevant. It’s also critical to […]

Best Practices for Designing in Groups

Adobe Teamwork makes the dream work, but the only way this can work is if teams work together in a truly collaborative way. There is no room for egos and unwavering minds in the world of design. Yes you have a product to deliver and you want it to be as aesthetically sound and contemporary […]

Who Wins…The Home or The Phone as The Gateway to Consumers?

Marketing Cloud As technology enables consumers to enjoy hands-free smart home integrations, where should marketers focus their attention—smartphones, home appliances, or both? These technologies are becoming the two primary gateways to consumers. Will one ultimately prove to be the most effective gateway? And what’s the key to leveraging these evolving channels? All About the Experience […]

Putting a Premium on Ad Viewability: How to Protect Your Media Investment

Marketing Cloud As digital marketing becomes more sophisticated, businesses are expecting more return on investment from the money that they pour into their advertising budgets. Digital marketing is held to a higher standard than traditional marketing when it comes to measurement accountability, successful advertising and conversion rates. This is due in part to the technological […]

Motorola Solutions Saves Millions Managing Content with Adobe

Marketing Cloud Motorola Solutions wanted a website that effectively communicated the company’s technological sophistication and innovative thinking. That’s why the communications technology leader chose to replace an in-house Web content management system (CMS). Motorola Solutions specializes in technologies that help public safety and commercial customers that need highly connected teams. When it sold its asset […]

Sprout Course Standout, AYV Alum and Educator, Ismail Swati

Adobe Receiving Provincial Youth Peace Network Award AYV Alum and educator, Ismail Swati is a 25-year-old social activist and founder of Optimistic Youth Network, an organization focused on social issues and youth empowerment in conflict-affected Swat, Pakistan. For 6 years Ismail’s organization has worked with youth who are drawn into radicalism and offered them alternatives […]

What You Can Learn from Testing Multiple Sign-In Areas

Adobe There’s a lot of trial and error on our team. We’re constantly performing experiments on our products in an effort to land on the magic formula that will delight and compel our customers. In this series, we pull back the curtain on what our data scientists are up to–and extrapolate what that can mean for […]

First Winners Selected for WhichTestWon’s Annual Adobe Target Awards

Marketing Cloud I always love to hear how Adobe Target customers are using Adobe Target and other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to get incredible results from their digital marketing. It’s great to know what our customers are testing, and why they’re testing those specific things, because it helps us to make sure that we’re focusing […]