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Five Reasons Why You Must Start Authenticating Users

Marketing Cloud An amazing array of analytic data is available to help you understand the behaviors of those who use your digital assets while they are online. Some of those users will be current customers, some will be potential customers — but, they will all expect dynamic, personalized, and relevant experiences. And, if you cannot […]

Progrexion Builds a Marketing Ecosystem to Help More Consumers Repair Their Credit Faster.

Marketing Cloud The road to financial success isn’t always a straight one. No company knows this better than Progrexion, which has been providing consumer credit services for nearly two decades. The company is committed to helping customers achieve their financial goals — which includes providing them with timely access to useful content. And, Adobe Marketing […]

페이스북 다크 포스트를 활용한 소셜 마케팅

Adobe 왜 다크 포스트인가? 소셜 미디어를 통한 마케팅은 과거의 웹사이트를 통한 단일 마케팅보다 훨씬 직관적이면서 다양한 작용을 일으키지만 그만큼 복잡하며 고려해야할 요소가 늘어납니다. 특히 광고나 홍보에 대한 거부감을 조금이라도 줄이면서 소셜 미디어의 풍부한 관계망을 이용하는 것이 중요합니다. 예를 들어, 연령대 별, 성별, 지역별로 다르게 페이스북 광고를 하기 위해 각기 다른 포스팅이 필요할 때는 어떻게 해야할까요. […]

Adobe Sponsors NewCo Bay Area Festival

Adobe This coming February the NewCo Bay Area Festival will celebrate businesses that are purpose driven, forward-looking and innovative. We’re proud to announce that we’re a sponsor and have some exciting contributions to the festival in the works. NewCo is unique in that it offers an opportunity to choose from 130+ innovative companies – including Adobe […]

A Comprehensive Checklist for Successful Virtual Events

Adobe It takes a lot to run a great virtual event. The planning, production, and analysis of a large-scale program can be a grueling process. That being said, as with most large projects, breaking the requirements down in to manageable chunks is an important first step to helping ensure success. Our hope is to assist with […]

Getting Started with Stock Vector Art

Adobe When you think of the stock industry, you may be inclined to imagine a collection of photos. But vectors and illustrations represent a sizable, growing percentage of stock sales. If the idea of selling your vectors on Adobe Stock has piqued your interest, read on for our tips on how to make the most […]

Why the Customer Journey is Replacing Traditional Sales Funnels

Adobe A clever ad campaign is no longer enough. Nor is one channel enough to deliver a great customer experience. You have to deliver that experience across all channels. That means it’s up to your company to deliver an engaging customer journey across every device, every touchpoint, and every screen your customers choose to use, […]

Why Real-Time Marketing Isn’t Always the Right Time

Marketing Cloud Real-time marketing is a slippery, often misleading, concept. Done well, the benefits are significant — a proven strategy you can and should deploy. Yet, real time isn’t always the right time, and effectively reaching customers with timely, on-point messaging doesn’t always occur in the moment. Real-time marketing is a bold tactic but only […]

Three Tips for Getting Analytics and Optimization Teams to Work Together

Marketing Cloud Due to silos, it’s extremely likely that various teams within your organization have disparate goals. This can be especially painful when teams that should naturally be collaborating — like analytics and optimization — are working at cross-purposes. In all honesty, analytics without action is much less effective. Similarly, optimization and personalization are most […]