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Deleting Layer Groups in Photoshop

Adobe To delete a Layer Group, select Layer > Delete > Group or, with the Layer  Group selected on the Layers panel, click the trash can icon. Either method displays a dialog with the options to delete the “Group and Contents” (which deletes both), “Group Only” (which removes any Layer  Groups but leaves the layers), […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketing Cloud Embedding mobile messaging as part of an inbound marketing strategy is still in its nascent stage. Many marketers are confused about what messaging actually is in mobile today and how they can deploy messages effectively. Part of the confusion is that there aren’t enough real-world, tactics-related studies to follow. The other part is […]

Are Social Media Platforms Trying Too Hard to Be the Same?

Marketing Cloud Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Today’s social media platforms are certainly not mutually exclusive. In fact, most of us engage across several social channels at once. But with competing platform functionalities announced daily related to data, messaging, search, and social commerce, are the networks trying too hard to be the same? Are social media platforms […]

Seen This Week: Creatives Pay Tribute to David Bowie

Adobe [slideshow_deploy id=’16597′]   With the untimely passing of David Bowie this week, many of us have paused to think about the impact he made on music and culture over the past five decades. He was a fearless, original and inspirational artist. Creatives around the world took to their craft to share their grief, appreciation […]

Writing for Social Change: 4 Tips for Getting People to Care About Your Cause

Adobe Image source You have a cause you care deeply about, but how do you get others to care as well? And, even better, inspire them to do something? Thanks to social media and the era of armchair activism, people are bombarded with awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and invitations to “like” or support a cause everyday. Here […]

Secrets to Ski Action Photography from the Slopes

Creative Cloud We took to the slopes to find out more behind Adobe Stock Contributor Roberto Caucino’s energetic and action-packed ski photography to find out how he captured it. Read on to go behind the scenes on one of Caucino’s ski shoots. IMAGE: ADOBE STOCK I always had two passions: alpine skiing and photography. As a boy, I won some […]

Design and creativity trends you can expect to see in 2016

Adobe The start of the year is always a time for setting new goals and modifying old ones. Since pretty much all I do, both work and play, has to do with design and creativity, I’ve decided to modify my goals and learn more. I believe the key to personal growth is to gain experience […]

Duplicating Layer Groups in Photoshop

Adobe Here are three easy ways to duplicate a Layer Group in Photoshop: 1) With a Layer Group targeted in the layers panel, Select Layer > Duplicate Group. 2) Option -drag (Mac) | Alt -drag (Win) the Layer Group in the Layers panel until you see a heavy black line between the layers and release. […]

AEM Technical Webinars 2015 Wrap Up

Adobe Welcome to 2016! I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. We have some great technical webinars planned for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) in 2016, starting with next week’s GEMs session on Oak Lucene Indexes, presented by Chetan Mehrotra and Alex Parvulescu from Adobe Engineering. But before that happens, I wanted to take a […]