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Second Hawaii Annual Code Challenge Promotes Tech Modernization in Hawaii

Adobe The second Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC) shows how software and island life make for a great pairing. Launched last week, HACC is the latest effort by the State of Hawaii to transform how the government conducts business in the state. HACC brings together programmers, developers, coders, public servants, students and citizens to brainstorm […]

Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on the Deeply Graphic Designcast

Adobe Join Wes McDowell as he sits down with Adobe’s Michaël Chaize to discuss upcoming additions to Creative Cloud, as well as a few cool things you can currently use that you may not have known about.  They also touch on the cool things attendees can expect to do/see/learn at the upcoming AdobeMax conference in Vegas. […]

Behind the Scenes of Ghost in the Shell

Adobe Released in the United States in March 2017, Ghost in the Shell is a visually-stunning action film featuring a cyber-enhanced character who fights dangerous criminals while searching for her true identity. When the film’s visual effects team needed support with futuristic technology concepts and visual effects, they contacted Territory Studio, a motion-graphics and visual effects studio […]

New Motion Graphics Templates Push the Creative Boundaries of Premiere Pro

Adobe You can hear the excitement in Jonas Hummelstrand’s voice as he moves his cursor around the screen in Adobe Premiere Pro, demonstrating all the powerful capabilities of the new graphics engine and Motion Graphics templates. There’s a video of a small RC model toy plane flying over an icy lake, with a text overlay […]

Zünde deine Karriere als Stockfotograf(in) – mit dem Adobe Stock-Workshop „Frauen/Bilder“

Adobe Du hast Spaß am Fotografieren? Die Digitalkamera ist dein liebstes Spielzeug? Kein Wochenende, an dem du nicht deine Freunde vor die Kamera zerrst? Bildbearbeitung ist dir kein Fremdwort? Dann drängt sich nur noch eine Frage auf: Warum machst du dein Talent nicht zu Geld? Beim Adobe Stock-Workshop „Frauen/Bilder“ am 17./18.11.2017 in Berlin steigst du […]

Elevate your Social Activity at MAX with Adobe Spark

Creative Cloud Get ready to MAX out your social feed with some sample templates from the Adobe Spark team.  Adobe Spark Post is the fastest way to create stunning graphics for your social feed. Install the iOS app or log in on web before MAX so you’ll be ready to share your favorite MAX memories […]

주목할 만한 아티스트: 김미래

Adobe “작품에 깊은 의미가 있지는 않습니다.” 김미래의 참신하리만큼 당당한 주장은 관대하면서도 늘 새롭게 접근하려는 예술에 대한 그녀의 태도를 잘 보여줍니다. 디자이너 김미래의 크리에이티브 목표는 사람들이 자신의 예술 작품을 즐기도록 하는 것과 핑크색을 즐겨 이용하는 아티스트로서 이름을 알리는 것인데, 사실 이 두 목표 모두 거의 달성된 것이나 다름없습니다. 7월의 아티스트로 김미래를 만나 자세한 이야기를 나누어 봤습니다. […]

How A Poet and Mixed-Media Artist Are Revolutionizing Collaboration

Adobe Lee Mokobe was an aspiring spoken word poet living in South Africa, dodging the shadows of social boundaries with which he’d never comply, and searching for light by way of spoken word. “For me, poetry is a way to discover my own self — or at least that’s how it began. I do it […]