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Geometry Meets Design

Creative Cloud Geometry has always played a central role in design. Some designers have found amazing ways to marry repetition, geometry, and color to make us see the world a little differently. Here’s a collection of notable geometric creations to change our perspectives. Illustrated Views: La muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill Repetition of right angles […]

Adobe Interns Create the Future of Tech

Adobe Story by Morgan Starkey, Studio Writer Intern With over 450 interns hired this summer across the nation, Adobe has an abundance of rising talent from all across the world. Our tech interns spend their summer here working on innovative projects that are applied directly to the business. Hear firsthand from these three interns about their […]

Are Your User Personas Growing With You?

Adobe We chat with anthropologist and UX professional Natalie Hanson about how designers can keep up with users as they evolve and change throughout their lives. Do your user personas still speak to who your users are? UX designers can spend a lot of time thinking about user personas, but when was the last time […]

Shortcuts for Working with Layer Groups in Photoshop CC

Adobe Here are some tips and  shortcuts for working more effectively with Layer Groups: To create an empty Layer Group, click the Create Layer Group (the folder) icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. The Group will be added above the currently targeted layer. If no layers are targeted, Photoshop will add the group […]

Digitalisierung in Deutschland: Es geht um die Kunden und ihre Erlebnisse!

Adobe Deutschland ist Industriegigant und Exportweltmeister und wir können alle sehr stolz darauf sein. Allerdings machen Erfolge bisweilen blind für die eigenen Schwächen. So rutschte die Bundesrepublik in der Rubrik „Future Readiness“ im Vergleich des Schweizer World Competitiveness Center auf Rang 18 ab. 2014 waren wir noch auf Platz 8. Ähnlich sehen Zahlen aus dem […]

Artist Spotlight: Ryogo Toyoda

Adobe Ryogo Toyoda’s Lego and Nintendo inspired designs come to life in their own toy town world. His innovative use of combining 2D and 3D, and the playful tone of his work have not only led to business success, but also secured him his own creative trademark. We spoke to him to learn more: ADOBE […]

The modern-day mix of challenges facing the multi-dimensional IT leader

Adobe Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of an ever-changing digital world. And CIOs and IT leaders across the world have understood that and adapted. Busier than ever, with their roles having changed dramatically over recent times, they’re no longer just leading a support function; they are now driving the strategic direction […]

6 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Should Learn UX Design

Adobe More than ever, it seems UX design is top of mind for many organizations. The importance of good UX design continues to transform the design industry. Previously, we discussed tips on how to move from graphic designer to UX designer (5 Tips for Graphic Designers Switching to UX Design). Today we’re going to talk […]

Masterpiece: Stockfoto-Profi Arne Trautmann alias Kzenon

Adobe Wer sich mit Stockfotografie auseinandersetzt, der kommt an Arne Trautmann alias Kzenon nicht vorbei: Der gelernte Rechtsanwalt kam bereits im Jahr 2007 zur Stockfotografie und gilt als ausgewiesener Experte, wenn es um die Erstellung erfolgreichen Stockcontents und die rechtlichen Aspekte der Bildnutzung geht. Kein Wunder, dass der doppelt kompetente Contributor auch als Speaker schwer […]