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고객 생애 가치를 높이는 디지털 마케팅

Adobe 신혼여행을 위해 호텔 스위트룸에 머무는 고객과 잦은 비즈니스 미팅을 위해 라운지를 방문한 고객 중 어느 쪽이 마케팅에 있어 더 가치 있는 고객일까요? 혹은 가족여행을 위해 서울-파리를 비즈니스석으로 발권한 고객과 잦은 출장으로 인해 서울-싱가포르를 이코노미석으로 오가는 고객의 경우에는 어떨까요? 단순한 듯 보이는 질문이나, 답은 결코 쉽지 않습니다. 왜냐하면 고객의 가치를 판단하기 위해 중요한 판단 기준이 […]

New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Auto-Categories, Mobile Uploads from Adobe Photoshop Mix, and More.

Adobe At Adobe Stock, we strive to build tools that improve our contributors’ lives and make them easier. Last September, we introduced the Contributor Portal, a platform for content creators to upload and sell their photos, illustrations, vectors and videos to the world’s largest creative community. Contribute from Adobe Photoshop Mix Today we are excited […]

What connected creativity looks like: Adobe partners at NAB 2017

Creative Cloud Creative tools should allow us to move easily with our ideas from concept to delivery, with lots of room for exploration, iteration, and refinement. The goal of creative freedom is the driving force behind Adobe Creative Cloud: a connected experience that opImagens up your options, including core video capabilities like broad native video […]

Customer Connections for Lasting Loyalty: The Customer Experience Track at Adobe Summit

Adobe The digital revolution has overturned decades of conventional marketing wisdom. Today’s consumers have access to infinite choices in content. They’re connected to an explosion of devices, and they demand seamless experiences with the brands they use. To meet these digital demands, you need to become an experience-led company—a company that delivers compelling, personal, and […]

Adobe Stock: Brandneue Funktionen im Contributor Portal und für Photoshop Mix

Adobe Wir von Adobe Stock streben stets danach unseren Anbietern mit immer besseren Tools das Leben leichter zu machen. Im letzten September haben wir unser Contributor Portal eingeführt – eine Plattform, über die Kreative ihre Fotos, Illustrationen, Vektoren und Filme hochladen und der größten Creative Community der Welt zum Kauf anbieten können. Upload direkt aus Adobe […]

Pond5 pour Adobe Stock

Adobe Depuis le lancement d’Adobe Stock en juin 2015, nous avons redoublé d’efforts pour enrichir et diversifier notre offre de contenus. Notre collection compte désormais 75 millions de ressources (photos, vidéos, illustrations et images vectorielles) et inclut des contenus inédits, comme les templates, les fichiers 3D, les matières et les éclairages. Ce résultat, nous le devons […]

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités vidéo Adobe Stock

Adobe L’univers de la vidéo est en pleine mutation. Plus d’un milliard d’heures de vidéos sont visionnées chaque jour rien que sur YouTube et d’ici 2020, la consommation de vidéos devrait représenter près de 80 % du trafic Internet total. Les banques de vidéos permettent de répondre en grande partie à cette demande, leurs ressources étant […]

Creative Jam at the Adobe Digital Government Symposium 2017: Sign Up Now!

Adobe Are you a DC-based graphic designer, VI specialist, multimedia engineer, illustrator or imaging enthusiast in the public sector who enjoys a competitive challenge in a fun, educational environment? If so, sign up with a teammate for the Adobe Creative Jam, which is taking place at the 2017 Adobe Digital Government Symposium 2017 next Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in […]

The vision of the world’s best designers about creativity

Adobe You want to know how some of the best designers in the world find their inspiration? Or what their thoughts are about creativity? We had the chance to ask them during the 10th anniversary of FITC in Amsterdam. Creativity is best captured in some kind of visual loop. Luckily, our friends from Google invented such a thing, press here and you’ll be creative […]