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Come anticipare le tendenze del design

Adobe Tina Touli è una designer di comunicazione grafica nota per il lavoro sperimentale che mescola analogico e digitale. Quando le abbiamo chiesto di creare un’opera originale utilizzando Adobe Stock, abbiamo immaginato che i risultati sarebbero stati inusuali – e avevamo ragione. Per fare il pezzo finale, Touli usava Illustrator, After Effects, una fotocamera, una […]

Adobe Stock in der goldenen Jahreszeit – FOREAL – #AdobeStockHerbst17

Adobe Benjamin Simon und Dirk Schuster kennen sich bereits seit über 13 Jahren und haben nicht nur zusammen studiert, sondern auch im Ausland gearbeitet – zusammen sind sie FOREAL. Vor vier Jahren haben sie ihr eigenes Studio in Trier gegründet, welches inzwischen vier bis fünf Mitarbeiter beschäftigt. Ihr Arbeitsbereich ist Illustration und Art Direction mit […]

Bleacher Report: Animated Sports News in One Day

Adobe Sports culture is about more than just the game. It’s the energy, the excitement, and the comradery that shapes our cultural landscape. For the past decade, Bleacher Report has captured the unique power of sports through a website as fast-paced, relevant, and exciting as the sports it covers. Game of Zones One way that […]

The Experience of Travel Marketing

Adobe Why are travel and hospitality brands slow to adopt mobile technology? A recent survey of 1,000 people found that 54 percent of British travellers are disappointed in the travel industry’s inability to improve their holiday experiences because of a slow adoption of mobile technology. In fact, these same people would love the convenience of […]

L’expérience client, c’est pour aujourd’hui ou pour demain ?

Adobe Article rédigé par notre reporter Martine Le Jossec Multi expérimentale et coopérative, l’expérience client de demain mettra l’Humain au coeur de toutes les stratégies. Revue de détail par Martine Le Jossec qui a participé à cette édition 2017 du Symposium Adobe. En 2030, l’expérience client sera optimale et aura tout pour faire rêver. Grâce […]

Introducing Asset Settings, the New Enterprise Security Feature for Protecting Your Assets.

Adobe Guest Blog by Christina Chang, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Creative Cloud Enterprise. Asset Settings is a new feature in the Adobe Admin Console that gives organizations more control over their security and data ownership. Now administrators can define how employees share organization-owned assets in Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud with people outside the organization. How […]

Multilingual support for Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe With increasing access to the web,  online content has become the ‘first’ customer interaction point for most brands. As businesses go global, the end user expects the brands to host their content specific to their region/preferred language.   To facilitate and support the requirement for global presence for businesses, Experience Manager has built tools for […]

How Do I… Verify Document Version Changes?

Adobe Save, Save As, Recover, Rename. It’s so easy to introduce multiple versions of the same document. Compound this with the ability to save a file locally, to a network drive, or the cloud… and you’ve got a recipe for version control disaster. What if your colleague wants to see a previous draft? Can you […]

#WeekofIcons – Icons for the Ages

Adobe Did you know the second version of Instagram’s icon only took 45 minutes to design? Yes, the second rendition. The original icon, an image closely resembling a specific camera made by Polaroid, was available on iPhone for two weeks before Apple decided to feature the app. The caveat? Apple wanted a new icon. Graphic […]