Applications for the Creative Residency 2016-2017 Are Open

It’s been an exciting year for the Creative Residency. Kelli Anderson and Becky Simpson, our first residents, have blown us away with their continual learning and growth. Their compelling work has set a high bar for the next batch of residents — for whom we’re about to begin our search.
Could one of the 2016 Residents be you? The Creative Residency offers you a year to work on your creative passion project without distractions. As a Resident, you’ll receive a full salary and health benefits along with access to tools and mentorship to guide you along the way.
We’re looking for artists and designers whose work primarily centers on photography, graphic design, typography, illustration or video. Take a look at Becky and Kelli’s projects (and check out their blog posts) to get an idea of what the residency is like. You’ll spend your year creating and sharing, with travel to events around the country where you’ll meet others who are actively learning from your own open process. Our creative network is huge, and we play an active role supporting it; we can’t wait to welcome you to it and hear your voice.

The project proposal portion of the application is where we want to hear all about your idea. In 2-4 pages, tell us what you have in mind, and how you would bring it to life during your year in residency. Include sketches, modeling the potential look and feel of your project. Tell us how you’ll share it with others during the program.
Once you’ve crafted your proposal, send everything our way on the application page. We’ll be accepting submissions through February 29.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!