Airbus Helps Airline Clients Boost Bookings

Airbus is a worldwide leader in the aerospace sector, leading markets as a manufacturer of commercial aircraft, helicopters, space, and defense craft. With fierce competition in the transportation industry from both incumbents and newcomers, Airbus knew that it had to look for new ways to expand its global reach and communicate with its target audiences efficiently over any device.
As a massive, global company, Airbus’ digital efforts were previously siloed and fragmented. The company decided to undertake a digital transformation and deploy integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.
With Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Airbus brings together marketing assets and communication efforts from around the world under one umbrella. By creating a central communications hub powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Airbus is encouraging collaboration, enhancing branding consistency, and improving efficiency by allowing marketers and communications teams to share content globally across all digital channels.
Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, provides measurements and data that enable Airbus to understand audiences and find success. By understanding what content engages which audiences, Airbus communication teams target more relevant messaging.
Airbus took a major leap into its new digital age with its first website aimed directly at passengers, not just commercial airlines. The Airbus A380 is a new standard in airline luxury. This beautifully designed two-deck aircraft, the largest commercial aircraft today, is filled with technologies that dampen noise, refresh the air, and help passengers fly in comfort.
Airbus encourages passengers to share their A380 experiences, become excited about A380 travel, and even find A380 flights where they can experience the plane for themselves. While the website is aimed at passengers, it helps drive traffic and bookings to commercial airlines, which in turn helps to increase profits and loyalty from Airbus customers.
“All that insight allows us to understand the final clients of our clients a little better,” says Jeremiah Bousquet, Digital Transformation Leader at Airbus.