Adobe@RSA Conference 2018

It is that time of year again. The world’s largest security conference is descending on San Francisco next week, April 16 – 20. We are not going to make any predictions about the weather this year – our rainy season seems to be a bit more persistent than usual. We have several members of our security team speaking and participating in various activities around the conference. Here are the highlights.
Our CSO Brad Arkin along with members of our legal, privacy, and security coordination center (SCC) teams will be part of the invite-only Enterprise Security Action Forum (ESAF) this year on Monday, April 16th. They will all be participating in a panel discussion entitled, “Incident Response for Apps in the Cloud.” When mission-critical apps move to the cloud, the incident response process can be more complex. It requires coordination across a range of internal and third-party teams. Who should be responsible for what? How quickly can you mobilize a response? Attendees will examine an unfolding cyber incident affecting a fictitious global enterprise with mission-critical apps in the cloud. If you were the CISO, what would you do? As a leader in cloud infrastructure, we have developed proven approaches and standard practices to address these issues. This session will share our experience in being best prepared for incidents that occur in the cloud.
Lakshmi Sudheer, security researcher from Adobe, will be joining her development partner Vinayendra Nataraja from Salesforce to talk about their open source tool “ReproNow.” Bug bounty programs are used by almost all companies today. While companies reap a lot of benefits, the challenge is for a security engineer to reproduce each bug, assess the validity and spend time reproducing this. ReproNow is designed to help solve the challenges in reproducing and triaging security bugs in a timely, effective manner.
Adobe is also a sponsor this year of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Summit at RSA on Monday, April 16th. Several of our team members will be in the audience at this year’s summit. We welcome you to talk with any of us about Adobe’s ongoing security and compliance programs and initiatives.
As always, members of our security teams will be attending the conference to network, learn about the latest trends in the security industry, and share our knowledge. We look forward to seeing you next week.