Adobe Unveils the Next Generation of Adobe Experience Manager to Power Digital Experiences

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We are just a few days away from Adobe Summit, the leading industry conference that paves the way for brands to transform into experience-led business. At Summit we will be sharing some of the exciting new innovations in the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager, the digital experience management and delivery solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Over the past couple of years we have a seen rapid growth in consumer appetite for rich experiences not only with smartphones and tablets, but a slew of IoT devices. Brands who have made Experience Manager part of their digital foundation for transformation have new demands that extend well-beyond websites and mobile apps.

Companies are grappling with the ways immense amounts of data and content come together to disrupt not only how marketing is done, but also how digital impacts the entire product/service experience. The new opportunities for personalization and value-add is turning the traditional customer journey and on its head. Two years ago, I spoke about how mobile apps are “…becoming the remote control to the Internet of Things.” While this is more true than ever before, “products,” brick-and-mortar locations and the way people interact are becoming a melding of digital and physical. While augmented reality is an obvious example of how this is happening, this trend is manifesting itself in more subtle and ubiquitous ways.

Fluid Experiences to Power the Connected Customer Journey
All of this requires content…a lot of it. Not just any content, but the kind that is engaging and surfaces exactly when someone needs it, wants it…regardless of the device they are on. It’s something you and I do effortlessly when we have a conversation with someone that spans email, text, in-person, over phone.

One of the overarching principles that has guided this latest release of Experience Manager is that content is the fuel of digital experiences. When combined with data insights and intelligence, content provides the bedrock of what companies need to compete on customer experience. This is why it’s critical to offer capabilities that allow brands to:

  • Source the best content
  • Managing content in an omnichannel way
  • Enable content to quickly flow to all the content-hungry connections across more traditional touch points and new ones

On our continued journey to realize this vision, with Experience Manager 6.3, companies can now deliver compelling digital experiences beyond owned to affiliated properties — web, mobile, IoT — at incredible scale. We introduce new capabilities in the latest release to realize the vision of what we call “fluid experiences” — content that flows and adapts to its context with the help of Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning framework. The experience fragments and content services features extends Experience Manager to power not only web and mobile experiences, but also well-structured touch points like ATMs and Pinterest to emerging less-structured mobile app and IoT experiences.

Accelerate Velocity in Content and DX Foundation
Since our acquisition of Livefyre last year, we’ve made significant strides when it comes to integrating Experience Manager Livefyre with the rest of the Experience Manager platform. We’re enabling Experience Manager Assets to source and obtain permission for user-generated content (UGC) from within the interface of Experience Manager Assets. This, combined with continued improvements in the integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, drive greater content velocity.

Finally, we want you to be able to take advantage of these innovations, so we are accelerating your ability to get the foundational elements of your digital experience strategy — websites, digital asset management, forms — set up quickly with more production-ready components, UX best practices and tools to help you connect digital experiences to data in your enterprise systems, like CRM.

I invite you to explore what’s new and these videos that showcase some of the features in Experience Manager 6.3.

Digital Transformation Requires More Than Technology
While we continue to be cited as the market leadership and receive recognition from industry analysts, the ultimate measure of our success is the success of the brands and partners that choose to continue to be part of the journey with Adobe. So beyond the cutting-edge technology we provide, we have also been investing greatly in the customer community and resources you have to lead your organization through change using Experience Manager.

This includes:

The path to digital transformation of the customer experience is exciting, but it can also be incredibly challenging as it requires an approach that brings together creativity, marketing expertise, technology skills and often requires collaboration across functional groups. Don’t go it alone.

Here’s to the amazing things we’ll achieve in 2017!

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