A Unified View of Data, Customers, and Content: The Programmatic Advertising Track at Adobe Summit EMEA

It’s a particularly exciting time for Ad Tech at Adobe, with the recent acquisition of TubeMogul and the bringing together of Adobe Media Optimizer and TubeMogul to form the Adobe Advertising Cloud. The Programmatic Advertising track at this year’s Adobe Summit EMEA will demystify programmatic advertising and showcase industry leaders and real case studies to highlight the opportunities and requirements to compete in this new era of advertising. You’ll learn how Adobe can help unify all your data, customers, and content into a singular view, so you can buy media that’s automated, data-driven, and transparent.
I highly recommend the following sessions on the Programmatic Advertising track at this year’s Summit.
AD1: How to Navigate the Programmatic Maze for Business Success
Even as brands increase their investment in programmatic marketing, many struggle to understand how, exactly, to use digital media to fulfil their end goals, while others are unsure whether they’re getting the right value for their ad spend. In this session, global retail brand Lidl UK will explain how they’ve used intelligent software to take control of their digital marketing. You’ll learn how to regain control of your own media, and make use of the new generation of programmatic technologies to make the most of each investment.
AD2: Data Management Platform (DMP) Basics
DMPs have become an integral component of the digital marketing toolset. These platforms enable marketers to seamlessly share data across teams and departments, getting more value from each audience while complying with privacy regulations. This session will introduce Audience Manager, Adobe’s DMP, explain what a DMP does and doesn’t do, and explore how it enables marketers to create a unified profile. The speakers will walk you through smart DMP functionality and its place in the marketing track, and you’ll get best practices for building a team to support DMPs as the speakers lay out five basic use cases for DMPs across any industry.
AD4: Defining the Most Effective Programmatic Setup for Your Business
Choosing the best team structure to drive your paid advertising can be challenging. This session will explore three potential scenarios when it comes to managing programmatic buying. Nick Reid, EMEA head of agency, Adobe Advertising Cloud, will lead a panel discussion of three clients to share their experiences and detail the impact their programmatic choices have had on their business. The panellists will weigh-up the benefits and downsides of having an agency manage your media buying versus building your own in-house capabilities.
AD6: The Advertising Edge
More than ever, digital advertisers need to deliver more impactful strategies to set their brands apart, which means making sure everyone has access to the same modifiers and automated bidding options. But time-consuming, manual processes are often required to create accurate analyses and reports that can be put into action quickly. In this session, you’ll learn how you can uncover greater insights, provide richer reporting, and deliver the accountability required to meet your company’s goals. You’ll discover how to create refined reporting via cohort tables, freeform workspaces, and advertising insights, and how to put more sophisticated strategies into action.
We look forward to seeing you at Adobe Summit EMEA 2017, and if you haven’t registered to attend, there’s still time—just click here to find out about all the other exciting things taking part at the event.